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Yahweh’s House/Beit-Shalom

NOTE: We are now in Beit-Shalom. It is still unfinished, but we are living there while we work on it. I will try to keep this list of needs updated. However, if you wish to continue to follow our adventures, check us out at our new blog: Reflections from Beit-Shalom.

We  have been living in our tiny RV since 12/1/05. Yep…2005! Yahweh…through others…is building us a house. A number of people have come together to try and improve our living situation.

People from the home school group we are part of and people in congregations have come together to try to raise funds. People we have never even met have pitched in…and we are SO grateful!

On this page, I am listing the things we have and the things we still need.

There is also a list of links to other posts that deal with this house and the progress being made. They are listed in date order from the earliest at the top to the most recent at the bottom.

Below the links are lists of work done, items needed, etc. I try to keep the lists as up to date as I can.

The House That Yahweh Is Building!

Tears & Chills From Yahweh’s Blessings!

Yahweh’s House Becomes Beit-Elohim!

Beit-Elohim Floor Plans & the Septic

Yahweh’s Provision Equals Refining

Power for Beit-Elohim

Lessons Learned & a Discovery

More on Beit-Elohim

Beit-Elohim Foundation Is Cleared!

A Perimeter Foundation Trench for Beit-Elohim

Floorplan for Beit-Elohim

The Initial Trench Dig for Beit-Elohim

Cleaned Out Foundation Trenches for Beit-Elohim & Concrete!


Almost Spring Doings!

The Latest on Beit-Shalom

A Footer & a Foundation & Trust

Preparing for Beit-Shalom

A Foundation for Beit-Shalom

More Foundation Photos

It’s Hard to Believe

Exciting Days Ahead!

Building Beit-Shalom — Material Delivery and Floor Joists!

More on the Floor Joists!

Floor Joists #3!

Beit-Shalom’s Floor & Feeding the Crew!

Working on the Walls & Moving Material!

Raising the First Wall!

Two Walls Up & Sealing the Floor!

The Third Wall Built!

Raising the First Half of the Third Wall!

Raising the Second Half of the Third Wall!

Clearing Out Some Land!

Rooms Laid Out!

The View From Beit-Shalom!

Miscellaneous Photos!

Moving the Trusses!

Putting Up the Trusses!

Putting Up the Sheeting!

Prepping for the Next Workday!

Beit-Shalom’s Roof on the 13th!

Working Outside Beit-Shalom on the 13th!

Working on Walls – November 13th!

Doors and Windows for Beit-Shalom!

Snow, A Workday, Five Years & Odds & Ends!

Installing a Window!

Windows & More Windows!

Doors & More Windows!

A Path for Power!

A Wall, A Pipe & a Mega-Heater!

A Wall & Gables!

Plumbing, a Door, a Stove & a Wall!

More Gable Work!

Working on the Electrical!

Putting in the Electric 1

Putting in the Electric 2

Putting in the Electric 3

Putting in the Electric 4

Putting in the Electric 5

Putting in the Electric 6

Moving Along!

Beit-Shalom Interior!

Love That Sheetrock – From the Front

A Bathroom By Any Other Name…!

Looking From the Back!

Plumbing and Wiring and Heat…Oh, My!


A Kitchen & Cabinets!


A Patio Door & A Kitchen in Process!

A Trench Going In!

Laying of Pipe…Step 1!

More Trenching for the Septic, Water & Phone!

Burying the Pipe!

A Leak & the House Water Line!

A Beautiful Kitchen!

An Unexpected Twist in the Septic Line!

Digging Out the Old!

He Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

Hooking Up…the Septic!

Caulking the Perimeter!

A Dishwasher & a Salamander!

Shelf Liner & Some First Stocking!

Messages in the House!

Sealing & the Shower Pan!

Electrical Outlets & Ice?

What a Time…a Brief Beit-Shalom Update!

Rocking the Pad!

More Messages From Beit-Shalom!

Gotta Have a Phone!

The Progression of a Shower!

Working on the Bathroom!

Heating Air & Water!

Kitchen Countertops!

My Son, the Mudder!

Almost In!

The following posts are on our new blog Reflections from Beit-Shalom:

Our First Two Nights

Plans Change…Or How to be Flexible!

Sheet Rock on the Walls…or Oops, Where Did the Outlets Go?

Taping and Mudding the Ceiling!

Kitty in the House &  a “New” Refrigerator!

For future posts, go to the new blog. (See top of post.) I will try to keep the list below up to date.

We need building supplies and some things for the inside. My sister-friend Claudia encouraged me to go ahead and put a list up here.  We do have some things already, although we are not sure what condition they are all in.  So, here goes! These are the things I can think of that we either already have or need. I will be updating the list as I get more information.

Please pray with us for the provision of these things! It is exciting to see what Yahweh is doing…and what He will continue to do! If we can get it at least to the point of getting an occupancy permit…we can finish it after we move in.


Permit to build — Yay! — July 7, 2009

The certification for the septic — woohoo! — July 6, 2009

Material on upper pad is moved to allow for digging foundation perimeter —  August 22, 2009

Foundation perimeter is dug —  August 28, 2009

Concrete footer is poured — November 13, 2009

Foundation block laid — June 6, 2010 (blocks still need to be filled with concrete)

Foundation is finished — August, 2010

Floor is finished — September, 2010

Two walls up — September, 2010

Third and fourth walls raised, trusses up and most of the roof sheeting — October, 2010

Half the tar paper is on the roof, the front door is in and three inside walls are done — November 2010

All the tar paper is on the roof — December 3, 2010

Windows and doors are in…except for patio door and picture window…which we don’t have at this location — December 4, 2010

Almost all the walls, some of the gables, some of the plumbing and a path cleared for the power to be put in — December 11, 2010

We have electric to the house — January 5, 2011

Half of the roof is shingled and about half of the inside plumbing is done — January 9, 2011

Gables are finished other than outside trim — January 15, 2011

Roof shingling and inside walls are done — February 19, 2011

Ceiling is sheet-rocked — February 21, 2011

Outer walls are insulated — March 2, 2011

Kitchen cabinets delivered — March 3, 2011

Picture window in — March 5, 2011

Trenching for water line — March 12, 2011

Most of septic line, water pipe and telephone laid — March 12, 2011

Kitchen cabinets are in — March 12, 2011

Water line final connection made — March 16, 2011

Septic line hooked up — March 30, 2011

Water heater, outdoor faucet and kitchen sink with faucet installed — April 10, 2011

Shower is done — April 16, 2011

Countertops are in — April 17, 2011

Stove is wired and in place — April 17, 2011

Main bathroom toilet is installed — April 25, 2011

“New” fridge is in the house — May 6, 2011

Some things I forgot to keep track of dates on:
laundry room tub is in
shower leak is finally fixed
one foundation wall is tarred

washer moved in — August, 2011

Heat pump is in, but not charged — September, 1011


laundry room toilet needs to be installed

laundry room flooring needs to go in (we have the flooring)

some lights still need to be installed

insulation in attic and crawlspace (attic is scheduled to be done)

charge heat pump and install plenum & ducting – we think the heat pump works

finish drywall

tar on block and footers on three sides

backfill foundation

level pad so water drains away from house

trench/French drain for upper side of hill so water drains away from house

level and gravel parking area

use of a backhoe would be really helpful for a number of things, including the drain along the house


shelving for the pantry (have some in place)

screen for two casement windows and possibly two other windows

crank units for two casement windows

repair one window

regular screen doors…one

screen door for sliding patio door

ceiling light fixtures for:


material for building Elias’ bed frame

area rugs to go over the sub floor —we don’t expect to be able to put flooring in for awhile

curtain rods and curtains —  for 1 patio door, 1 bathroom window, 4 bedroom windows, 2 casement windows, plus 1 long one for across the picture window with 2 side windows — I need to get measurements for them all

bookcases and shelving units  —- we have a couple, but suspect they are shot

long bath towel bars — 3?

short hand towel bars — 3

flooring — Abigail would love to have wood planking or some other kind of tongue in groove wood flooring (she loves the rustic look), however we will accept whatever the Lord provides — we looked at some “hardwood pattern” vinyl flooring that will work if we can afford it. At this point, we plan on doing the laundry room and, possibly, the bathroom. The rest we will paint for now.

piping for woodstove


flooring for laundry room

ceiling lights for bedrooms and hallways

2 ceiling fans with lights (we think they both have lights)

fire alarms

lights/vents for bathrooms

2 bathroom vanities with sinks

faucets for 2 bathroom sinks

laundry sink with faucet


a power box with circuits and all sorts of things I don’t understand…LOL It was donated…August 18, 2009! Thank You, Abba!



power to the house

insulation for roof and walls

heat pump which, so far as we know, still works

duct for heat pump

washer and dryer

kitchen sink

kitchen supplies

kitchen faucet

kitchen cabinets

a kitchen table




refrigerator — two very old ones that has some broken shelves inside. BUT THEY WORK. 🙂


towels — so far as I know

cleaning supplies, including a vacuum

bedding — so far as I know

water heater


2 toilets

twin bed

matching chair and rocker set




recliner — we have one that was in pretty decent shape when we moved, but we are not sure of the condition now.

would like door with window for the laundry room


more hand towels

more washcloths

bathroom mirror and/or medicine cabinet

coat tree or something with hooks we can put on the wall for visitor’s coats

wooden slat back rocking chair for very short legs or the natural wood style an Amish family around here makes

kitchen window —  sliding side by side or casement style to fit over counter no wider than 36″

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  1. Gayle Griffiths permalink
    August 20, 2009 2:55 AM

    I am so excited for you. Maybe we can come out soon and see what you are doing. I am sure I will be able to help you with some of these things as they are needed.

  2. October 23, 2009 3:05 AM

    Note from Abigail: I do not know this sister, nor am I familiar with this ministry, so I cannot endorse it. However, I did check out the website. It has the appearance of being a genuinely good work, so I am approving this comment. The information related is very interesting.

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Brothers and sisters, I would like to share with you the work of Yahweh in Pakistan and what changes take place and the challenges I faced.

    Some years back when I finished my schooling. My family members asked me not to go to collage as they are finding a boy for me with whom they will get marry me (even if I do not know the boy. I resisted and ask I am not ready for wedding now but interested to study if not in collage then at least I can do my studies through distance learning.(in Pakistani hostile society women/girls do not get much freedom to demand for their nights). My elder brother who is a principal in a high school helped me to study at home through distance learning.

    I was used to do my household work like cooking, cleaning, washing clothes of whole family and I did not get a chance to come out of my home to see the world around or to interact people. I feel so boring at home and had a passion to work for people.

    My elder brother got a computer with internet facility. He was used to given me some work to type. He taught me how to use internet chat with people. He was used to chat in paltalk. When I saw him chatting with people of different kinds, I loved to use paltalk to make friends and learn about world. I asked my brother’s permission to use his computer when it’s free. He helped me to make a paltalk ID that is Shafa.

    I started using internet. I came to know about the world. How women are working and contributing their role. I met some wonderful brothers and sisters who gave me an inspiration to come forward and use my talents for the weaker groups of the society.

    Some of the friends taught me Torah, rituals of the followers of Yahweh. I took interest and study day and night. My English is not good but even then I kept on understanding and learning the beliefs. I stared keeping Sabbath and prayed to Yahweh father to show me a light.

    One day I was praying and reflecting on my life and I was thinking how to use my talents and blessings with others. I felt that Yahweh has given me a call to teach/spread his word among the oppressed and poor people through education.

    My brother who is a Christian, when he heard this that I committed myself for the service of Yahweh father, he told me that your going to promote Judaism while living in a Muslim country its very hard as the Muslims are very much against the Jews. He warned me that Muslim extremist might attack or kill me. Please stop and the family shall be in danger for you.

    I asked one question to my elder brother. “Brother, forget about Muslim extremists and others. You just tell me, are you with me? Will you support me in my call? He asked me to give him time to think. My mother, father, younger and cousins all assured their full support. When my brother saw this support he also showed his consent to support me.

    I started meeting poor people in remote areas, sharing what I learnt from the friends over the internet. In the beginning it was very difficult as traveling was not allowed because there always threats by the unknown to harass and persecute me. In Pakistani society when men see women alone they tried to persecute in different ways. But I never lost hope and carried on my work.

    Meanwhile, I started sharing my vision with internet friends the work I was doing or wanted to do in future. Friends asked me to share the needs. Some of them supported on regular basis. I started a school for the poor kids who had no schooling facilities; their parents were so poor that they cannot afford even food for twice a day.

    One man gave his one room and a courtyard to use for the children. So with the help of some volunteers who finished their schooling I got success to work with children. In the beginning five to seven children came and then gradually the number increased to more than eighty but some of the children were not regular as parents took their children to work. ( Pakistan is one of the countries that has larger number of child labor. Some of the parents were doing work in hazardous conditions like bricklin workers, workshops etc. Child labor is also a curse and sometimes children gets hurt or killed while working. Our team motivated the parents and brought them back in our school. As the days passed and children grew in body and knowledge the needs increased.

    Thanks to friends in USA and other countries whose support made education possible for the poor. The children were taught basics about Yahweh and how the story of prophets and what Yahweh wants to do in our lives. We use child friendly method and games to teach.

    Then we came to parents and women in particular so they may understand and learn about Torah. The women socially considered unequal and their position is weak. The persecuted/tortured women faces discrimination was in forefront to help us.

    With the help of brothers and sisters from USA and other countries we were able to distribute clothes, books, ration and other things. The journey is still carry on with lot of challenges as the parents of the students are illiterate, ignorant, less cooperative and not punctual when meeting or program/gathering are arranged.

    Now one can see change in our areas that people know about “Passover feast, Tabernacle and people keep Sabbath. Frankly want to share that people are not regular in learning. When there are feasts they show their great desire and commitment but when these are over they do not come as they participate in programs. But I am not hopeless because the journey continues slowly with positive impact. (There are some genuine problems like people are so much involved in their work and they are poor they have less job opportunities and there is no check and balance and owners exploit the poor)

    I think it’s a change that in the population of a one million, 100s of children and poor people are know our work and benefiting in our education centre. Every year when we had our programs elder Shahzad shares and teaches the people about the rituals and what Yahweh wants us to do in our lives. We are growing day by day and brothers and sisters from USA and other countries are thanked and their ideas support and prayers are much needed. We always keep our benefactors in our prayer programs.

    Thanks for your patience to read it. My elder brother has helped me to write this, as my English is not good one I expressed my views to hem in Urdu and he translated into English. Once finishing our Passover program, I reflected on my work. I thought it fit to share with you. You are welcome to suggest or comment on our work.

    I pray Yahweh Bless All.


    Nazia Fateh


  3. Yochanan permalink
    October 5, 2010 11:17 PM

    Things are looking real good, Many blessing to you and family will keep you in our prayers Shalom

    • October 6, 2010 6:43 PM

      Thank you, Yochanan! All prayers are appreciated! It almost seems surreal, yet I know our heavenly Abba is definitely at work.

      • Yochanan permalink
        October 7, 2010 1:02 PM

        Well I know it has been a long wait but YHWH is moving, Tehillah sends her love Shalom

        • October 7, 2010 7:36 PM

          Please hug my sweet sis for me and give her my love. Yes…He is moving in incredible ways…in our lives and in yours, too!


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