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One Way to God??

Who Is Yeshua (Jesus)? Why Did He Come?

Is There Really Only One Way to God?

I know that what I am writing here is lengthy. I also know that I am not the only one who struggles with reading really long posts. What I am sharing here is really important. I earnestly beg of you that, if you cannot read long posts, to please print it out if you have to and read it in sections. I am writing this out of love and concern for all who come to read here.

I try my best to love and support each person I meet in a respectful and honoring way…regardless of their beliefs. It is love that compels me to write what I am writing.

This has been on my heart for some time and I have been praying about how and when to share it. The time is now. I do not know why now and not sooner…or not later. I simply trust Him to lead me and guide me. So, I am going to put this here for anyone who wants to read.

There are some who say that no one of us can say for sure that there is only one way to God. Well, those people are right…none of us mere humans can say there is only one way. There is, however, One who can…and that One has!

There is One who really does have the authority and the right to say that there is only one way… Yahweh, the Creator, Himself. As His disciple/follower, I love Him very much…just as I also love all of His creation. It is not out of arrogance that I write…but out of genuine love for Him and for all here! It also out of a humbleness that comes from knowing how unworthy I really am to carry His message and of knowing what an imperfect messenger I truly am. Yet, He has asked me to share this with you and I am honored to do just that.

I would be very remiss and very unloving…both to Him and to everyone else…if I gave any kind of false hope that there was any other way to Him besides what He, Himself, has stated. My love for Him and for all here compels me to share what I know…even if it means that people get angry with me…or that I lose friends…or that some are offended. (I pray that the offense is not from my manner of delivery.)

Yeshua said that people would despise Him and reject Him because of His message and that we, His followers, would also be despised and rejected because of it. Am I above Him? No! So I will speak what I know…out of a deep love and concern for all who may read this.

I will not presume to tell anyone what to do…or to tell anyone what he or she must believe. I do not have that right. Everyone has been given the ability to decide for him or herself what to believe. I can, however, show you what I know to be true. Isn’t that what true friends do? Speak the truth in love to one another…even when the friend may not want to hear it? That is all that I desire to do here. Everyone who reads this will have to decide on his or her own what to do with it.

Yahweh spoke to His people and told them how to live and how to approach Him…how to deal with their fallen state…with their sinfulness. It is all written in the Torah and the rest of the Tanakh…the “Old Testament” Scriptures of the Bible. He spells it out pretty clearly. There were things His people had to do in order to be forgiven of their sins…in order to be in right standing with Him.

He also says that His people are to be a light to the nations. They were to share the truth with the rest of the world. His teachings and laws are for everyone’s good. Sadly, they not only did not do that, but they also walked away from the truth (and from Him) many times…even to the point of mixing the worship of false gods and goddesses with their “worship” of Yahweh.

At times, that false worship became so prevalent and the effects on His creation so dire that He had to take serious steps. He did things that we consider to be “destructive”. Yet, if you carefully look at the destruction that is described, it takes place when the practices of paganism have so infiltrated His people and His creation that they were doing horrible wicked things to each other…much like we see in the RA of today. He had to take the drastic step of purging.

Yet, it was always after many warnings. He always gave His creation opportunities to repent and turn back to His ways…just as He does today. When they did not, He took steps of cleansing and purging. When the people would not remove the wickedness from amongst themselves, He did it for them. I have read that there is historical evidence for the evil being so great that even infants and animals had STD’s.

All through the Tanakh, Yahweh foretells the coming of Mashiach (Messiah.) The Messiah, also called the “Christ”, would be the perfect Lamb of God whose death would take away the sins of all those who trust in Him…once and for all. He did not merely/only suffer, die and rise again. He actually took on Himself…became… all the ugliness and sinfulness of humankind from the past, the present and the future. What a horrible thought!

There are some who struggle with the idea of an Abba (Daddy) doing that to His own Son. However, His Abba asked…not demanded…and His Son chose to do it! He was not forced. Yahweh (the great I Am…the three in One) knew what was needed in order to redeem us back into right standing with Him. What we really have here is not a picture of a cruel Abba, but of how very wicked humankind had become that it took such a strong measure to redeem us back to Him.

Even in our court systems today we chafe and groan at the idea of the wicked getting off. We want to see justice! Well, Yahweh is justice. He wrote down for us all we need to know about justice! There has to be a penalty paid for wicked deeds…for sins. Yeshua paid it for us all. He did not have to do it…He did it out of His incredible love for us all.

All of us have seen the wickedness of humankind on some level…some of us more than others. We have seen (or read of) the worst side of humanity. In fact, some acts go so against what we were designed for by our Creator that those things are called “inhumanity”!

I know that some reading here wrestle with the facts of what we were forced to participate in. We struggle with whether we were truly always forced or if, at some point, perhaps we started to freely choose to participate. The good news is that, regardless of whether we were forced or freely chose, Yahweh has made provision for us…through His Son, Yeshua (Jesus)!

For those who are truly confident that it was all coercion, well no matter how good we may think we are, we ourselves are not free from wickedness. Every time we break one of our Creator’s laws, commands or teachings we are rebelling against Him. That is wickedness, too. Our Creator tells us that if we have broken even one of His laws, we are guilty of breaking them all.

Our Creator is perfect and Yeshua says that we are to be perfect like Him. In other words, to be in His presence we need to be perfectly obedient to all of His laws and teachings…but none of us are perfect! That is the point! That is why we need our Messiah…Yeshua…and what He has done for us! It is because we cannot do it ourselves. Once a law is broken, even once, it is broken for all time. We cannot undo it.

Instead of Yeshua’s coming and what happened with Him being, as some people think, a reflection of an Abba who despises His Son…it is a picture of an Abba and a Son who love their creation so much that they were willing to go through all of that…just to redeem us back into right standing with Him. It is a reflection of how bad our spiritual condition really is that it was necessary for our loving Abba and His Son to give of themselves that much. What an incredible love!

The Scriptures that foretell Yeshua’s coming predate His coming by anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years. Old writings have been found that not only predate Yeshua, but also show how accurately the Scriptures have been copied down for generations. That is one thing about His chosen people…the Yehudim (Jews)…they are meticulous in how they copy the Scriptures. They count words and letters in each line and each page. If even one error is found, they would destroy it by burning it to make sure the error would never get out there. They would then start all over on a new one. When you consider that they were written on scrolls, that was a lot of meticulous work. It is not like just destroying a page. If there is one thing we know we can count on…it is that the Hebrew Scriptures are accurate!

In those Scriptures there are over 300 prophecies regarding the coming of Messiah. A huge number of those were fulfilled when Yeshua came the first time. The rest will be fulfilled when He comes again. Many of those prophecies are things that He had no control over (if He were merely human). Things like the place and manner of his birth and things that happened during his trial and death. Only the actual Messiah could have fulfilled all those prophecies so completely.

When His disciples first started sharing, there were many, many people still living who were eyewitnesses to the events. Many of them were still alive when the Gospels were later committed to writing. If the things being spoken of and written were not true, they would have stood up and refuted it. Instead, they confirmed it.

For example, His body could have been produced to deny the resurrection. They could not produce it because they did not have it. The idea that His disciples could have stolen it while the soldiers slept is ludicrous since the Roman soldiers would have been killed for sleeping at their post. Not only that, but those same disciples suffered some pretty agonizing deaths. People might do that for something they believed to be true, but not for something they know is a lie.

It is recorded that they were actually pretty timid after Yeshua’s death. It took an act of Yahweh, the delivering of His Spirit to His followers, to make them bold enough to buck the system that killed Yeshua and start boldly proclaiming Him as Messiah. After His death, they stayed behind locked doors…fearful. It was not until Yeshua appeared to them several times, walking right through the locked doors, that the fear started to lift. Yeshua told them that He would send the Holy Spirit to them. Once that happened, they were transformed in a powerful way.

They started to show in the Scriptures how He was foretold and how He fulfilled those prophecies. Thousands recognized the truth and became followers. Even today, many who diligently search the Scriptures and who really look at what Yeshua did are still seeing the truth and becoming His disciples…His talmidim. This is happening amongst both the Jews and the Gentiles.

When Yeshua came to Yochanan (John) to be baptized, a voice coming out of heaven was heard by those present. The voice clearly identified Yeshua as His Son and that He was very pleased with Him. Those present at His baptism could either refute it or confirm it.

There were those then living who scoffed, but no one who actually refuted it. All supposed refutations were written long after the eyewitnesses who could have confirmed or denied it were dead.

Yeshua was not killed for being a good teacher or for doing miracles and good works. He was killed because He claimed to be the Son of Yahweh…not “a” Son, but “the” Son. He claimed both to be equal with Yahweh and to be Yahweh. That is what upset the leaders of the day. To avoid dying, all He really had to do was to deny His Divinity. That is what they were asking Him to do! So, why didn’t He?

Yeshua said about Himself that He was the only way to the Abba (Father). He said that He is the Way, (not a way.) He is the Truth, (not a Truth) and He is the Life, (not a Life.) He said that, if you see Him, you see His Abba for He and His Abba are one. He told Philip that whoever has seen Him has seen the Abba. He told His disciples that He was the only way to the Abba. Yeshua told Pilate that the reason He was born and that He came into the world is to bear witness to the truth.

Before His death, Yeshua emphatically asked His Abba to please, if it was possible, take the “cup” away from Him. In other words…if there was ANY other way to accomplish this then, please let it be done that way. Then He surrendered Himself completely to His Abba’s will. Both He and His Abba showed that there was no other way. If there was, then Yeshua is to be pitied above all else for choosing to go through something that was totally unnecessary. If there was then, yes, it would have been the cruelest act of an Abba to ask of His Son and the stupidest thing the Son could have ever done!

I think C.S. Lewis sums things up quite well. His wording is strong (and can be triggering), but it is worth noting here.

“I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: ‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept His claim to be God.’ That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic—on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg—or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse.

You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come up with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

I don’t pretend to understand all that Yahweh has written in His Word. There are things that I don’t “get”. He is Yahweh God! He is so far above us it would be kind of like an ant trying to understand us…or even like a child trying to understand an adult. His thoughts are not our thoughts…His ways are not our ways.

I like the analogy of the potter and the clay. Does the pot have any right to demand of the potter why he is made the way he is? Do we have any right to demand that Yahweh explain Himself to us? No! Do we have any right to insist that we be able to understand Him fully? No! If we mere humans could understand completely the Creator of the whole universe, He would not be much of a god!

However, He has chosen to come to us. He has chosen to reveal Himself to us. He has shown us all we need to know about Him. With Yeshua coming, we actually got to see a part of Himself we never would have gotten in just His words alone. Yeshua is the perfect image of the unseen Yahweh. Perhaps, that is why one of the things Yeshua is called is “the Word”.

Yahweh has laid out for us how we are to relate to Him…how we are to connect with Him. He is very clear about it. We can either accept that…or reject that. But we must recognize that both decisions bring consequences. With one, we will be ridiculed for knowing and expressing the truth. With the other, we will suffer an eternity of separation from our Creator…an eternity in the darkness and torments reserved for the angels who rebelled against Him and never intended for humankind!

He does not desire that any should perish. It is the rebellion in our own hearts that condemns us…not Him. He has done everything possible to reach out to us and to show us the way of His salvation…even to the point of giving of His own Son and Himself! Oh, that we would accept His incredible love for us and fall at His feet and worship Him as He deserves to be worshiped.

We are seekers of the truth about our origins…about our Creator. As such, we need to always remember that the truth we seek is more important than what we want to believe to be true. The truth may be uncomfortable, but it does not change the fact that it is truth. The truth may even be downright offensive to us…but that does not make it any less the truth.

The Scriptures tell us that the cross is a stumbling block to some and considered foolishness to others. However, to those who accept its truth and embrace it…it is the power of God.

Each one of us will stand before Him some day and give an account of what we did with the truth we were shown. I want to be one who diligently sought Him and His truth rather than one who sought only what I wanted to hear. His word says that there will come a time when people will choose only teachers who tickle their ears, telling them only what they want to hear instead of the truth. Sadly, I see that happening a lot…even within the “so-called” followers of Yeshua/Jesus.

I encourage all who read here to please take a serious look at the Scriptures…not the books people call Scriptures…but the bible that Yahweh has preserved for us over the centuries. I do recognize that many new translations are tainted and twisted, but there are still good translations available. Study it. Most importantly, and especially if you cannot read the bible without getting triggered…ask Him to show Himself as He really is. Ask Him to protect you from any lies and deceptions. Ask the Yahweh of the Bible to reveal Himself to you. He will…if that is what you earnestly desire.

Remember that the fallen angels (the demons) believe. They know Yeshua is the only way and the True Son of God. They know that He is Yahweh in the flesh. That is why they work so hard to deceive and lead astray. It even says that our adversary, the chief of demons (satan), disguises himself as an “angel of light”. I have met personally people to whom he appeared and it felt so good and so pure. Only later did they discover the horrible truth that they had been deceived.

No, my friends, even Paul states that if any angel should appear (or if even Paul, himself, should come to them) presenting a gospel that is different from the one Paul and his fellow workers had originally taught them…do NOT believe it! This is so important that he writes it twice! His wording is very strong…saying that such a person should be destroyed forever. (I have used less triggering wording, but I am sure you get the point.) This is important!

Yahweh is big enough to preserve His written word. There are still enough good translations out there that do line up with the old original language manuscripts to show the truth. Plus, His Holy Spirit is able to show us the truth…if we ask Him to. We know the Tanakh is preserved. You don’t even need the New Testament/Covenant to learn the truth. Messiah is spoken of all through the Tanakh. What the New Testament shows is Who the Messiah is…that He did come and fulfill the prophecies.

There are many other prophecies…detailed prophecies…that are now historically recorded as having come to pass. He has proven Himself time and time again…and actually shown incredible patience toward His rebellious creation. He has shown us the truth. He will not be mocked. He purged in history and there is a time coming when He will purge again. We will all stand before Him and my heart grieves for all who have rejected what He has gone to such great pains to show all of us.

I pray that you can see the love in my heart for you all in sharing this. If you cannot, I accept that. Even more…I pray that you can all see the truth of His love for you and that you will not reject what He has revealed to us all. My love for you is nothing compared to what His love for you is!

There is one more thing I really have a need to share. It is about this thing called “Christianity”. I have been puzzled for many years by things I would see in the traditions of the “church” that did not really square with the Scriptures. I would never get any satisfactory answers for it. I did find bits and pieces of information, but not the whole story.

Well, recently I borrowed a book and DVD series called Time is the Ally of Deceit by Richard Rives. He, too, saw the same things and started on a journey of seeking out the information. He studied history and traveled all around the world digging in museums and all sorts of places to get at the truth. He has found information that explains so much and he tells you from where he gets the information. My hubby and I have been going through them and, so far, although there are some minor points that I need to ask Richard about, he seems pretty right on. Of course, like all information, it is something that we need to be prayerfully and diligently checking on…which is exactly what he encourages people to do. He says NOT to just take his word for anything and makes it clear that he is not desiring to tell people how to think.

Basically, what is called “Christianity” today is NOT the Christianity that existed for the first 100 years after Yeshua went to be with His Abba. It has been changed…so much so that many people who are familiar with the ancient mystery religions say that Christianity is just a variation of that. When it comes to what is passing for Christianity today…they are RIGHT! There are many things that deal with paganism that were NOT part of the original church…things that would never have been allowed into the worship of the original group of believers. Richard documents the how and when of those things becoming mixed into the Christian church.

I very much encourage all seekers of the truth to check out this book and DVD set. I have not watched all the DVD’s, but what I have watched seems to indicate that it is basically the book on DVD. I am currently almost half way through the book. Do I agree with every single thing he says? I don’t know yet. However, he has dug up some historical facts that I believe are worth taking a serious look at. (Sadly, he is involved with another other group which has been discredited…but this set of videos seem to be pretty good, from what we have seen so far.)

Links for more information are:

Our spiritual enemy…who IS evil…hates it when anyone worships Yahweh the Creator in spirit and in truth. He has worked very hard to get those lies mixed in so that what passes for much of “Christianity” of today doesn’t look anything like the real deal. He wants people to just mix “Jesus” in with everything else. He wants people to believe and do anything other than to worship their Creator in spirit and in truth.

I will wrap up with a video by Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller. If you are interested, he talks about evangelism and has some very interesting things to say, especially considering he is an atheist.

Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Please know that I care about everyone who reads here…very, very much.

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