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The RV Is Level?

April 18, 2011

The night after Dave worked to get the RV level again, I kept checking the bubble. At one point, when I got up, it had moved further over. Not much, but any movement at all is of concern. So, Dave got up and put a block under the RV and piled rocks on top of it to try to stop the frame from coming down any further. On the inside, I pulled the microwave/convection oven out and put it in the farthest corner on the opposite side of the RV. I pulled heavy glass dishes…whatever I could think of to add weight to one end while taking it from the other.

It amazes us how sensitive the human body is. From the outside, you probably would not even notice the leaning, but inside we were keenly aware of it. Dave has something that told him we were at a 5 degree list. We were at 85 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Actually…I don’t really care if we were at 85 degrees…IF we would stay there. I was just concerned that we wouldn’t.

Dave was been giving the wind and the warmth a chance to dry out some of the ground. Then he planned on putting plywood under the RV and using a jack to level it a bit. He also planned on filling in what he can of the ground around the RV, but he really hoped to be able to level the septic line first so he won’t have to dig it back out again later.

The next day, he worked on it some more. The gap you see under the board was actually bigger.

It is hard to show under the RV unless I get my mudders on and get down in the trench!

Compared to where the bubble was in this post, you can see that it is more level…although not completely level!

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