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What a Time…a Brief Beit-Shalom Update!

April 17, 2011

I was hoping to be able to get more photos up, but between not feeling well and having so much work to do on Beit-Shalom, I simply have not had the time or energy.

The last few days, I cleaned a lot of the barn “dirt” from a window and the front door. There is still a lot of construction stuff in the way, so I can’t get to all the windows and doors, but I am slowly making my way around. It feels good to have some of that cleaning done.

Dave got the stove hooked up and I ran the cleaning mode. I also cleaned the screens and bottom of the over the stove microwave. We pulled the light bulbs out of the bottom of the microwave and wrote down the make and model of both stoves so that I can order the books for them. I managed to get an alarm on the stove to go off three times yesterday. I have no idea why and one time we almost had to unplug it to get it to quit. I have never seen a stove like this one.

We also got the shower finished and the other countertop in place. Unfortunately, there is a chip in the end that goes against the refrigerator. We are not challenging them on it since no one will see it and we need to have the countertop in place. At least…not unless Craig decides to challenge them.

We are still filling the cracks in the ceiling so that the attic insulation can be blown in. We also have to get the baffles in place and some screening along the end to keep the insulation from blowing out the ends of the house.

We did get some trenching done to help divert water away from the block foundation, but we still need to get the tar and plastic on the foundation wall. That is to help keep water from going under the house. It seems like there is a lot to do…all at once. We have been in overwhelm mode for a while.

The baffles were supposed to be put in before the ceiling got sheet rocked. Since they were not, I am pretty much the one elected to get them in since I am the smallest. I pray that I do not go through the sheet rock. That would NOT be good! This is going to be interesting since they have to go in where the roof meets the walls…not a large space. I have to balance on the trusses.

Plus…we have a persistent leak under the kitchen sink on the one side where it drains. Dave has already replaced the pipe with new pieces and he is using teflon tape, but cannot seem to get rid of it entirely. It is slow enough that we are using a bucket for now. We have too many other things to focus upon.

I don’t have up to date photos, but I do have some photos that I will, hopefully, get up soon. I also some photos of kitty’s birth I hope to get up!

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  1. Dawn Phenix permalink
    April 17, 2011 5:05 PM

    Sis, try this website for free owner manuals for all kinds of things. I have used it.

  2. Byron Miller permalink
    April 18, 2011 3:08 PM

    Just a note on attic safety. Wear a helmet or hard hat so that you don’t stick the nail ends in your head coming though from the shingles. From someone who has had more than a few nails stuck in the top of my head crawling around in attics.
    Same goes for the nails coming up holding the gyp-rock. They are sharp when you step on them. Take a piece of plywood or a couple of boards with you in the attic to lay across the ceiling trusses. Make sure they are long enough to stick over the trusses by at least six inches on each end. That gives you somewhere to rest your knees or feet when putting the baffles in between the trusses. Also less chance of slipping and going through the gyp rock. It seemed that when I was doing electrical wiring that I spent most of the time in the attic so trial, error and accidents were my teachers. Now that you have a house you will have a lifetime hobby. There is always something that needs to be done or fixed. But at least you will have more room to do it.
    Good to see that you are making progress. When’s the house warming party? You don’t need all the furniture in to have one. 🙂
    God Bless
    Byron aka Teddybear

    • April 18, 2011 4:52 PM

      Our son is snipping the nail ends off. We also have some plywood strips up there that we are moving around to lay on to get the baffles in place.

  3. Byron Miller permalink
    April 18, 2011 3:11 PM

    Oh, just a hint on the leaky drain pipe. If all else fails either solder it if it is copper or if it is PVC pipe, get it dry and glue it together.

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