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As We Draw Closer…!

March 8, 2011

As we draw closer to moving into Beit-Shalom, I find myself filled with anticipation. Yes…we are ready to move. This is winter number 6 in the RV and it looks like it will be spring before we move out. Five and one-fourth years in the RV. Who would have thought we would be in here this long? We sure didn’t.

It is time. We really need to move. There are things breaking down in the RV. The foam on our couch/bed, for example, and on our chairs. Our kitchen faucet is about ready to completely break. It is the second one we have put on. We have had to turn the water part of the toilet flusher off due to leaking. For a long time now we have only been using the sprayer for water. In fact, the sprayer is barely spraying now and we have no idea why.

In addition, the mold keeps creeping in in spite of our efforts. There are places we don’t even uncover due to knowing that there is mold underneath. We do not use the wooden bathroom door because of mold. We only use the shower curtain across the opening. Dave thinks the mold in the RV may be contributing to my ongoing battle with feeling unwell. My one ear does not want to unplug and stay unplugged ever since my last bout with illness. I do believe I am better from the illness, but allergies are keeping me from feeling completely well.

All in all, though, we have made it through…and not on our own strength…believe me! It is Yahweh who has gotten us through all of this. When your common living space is 11′ x 7.5′ you know it has to be Yahweh that gets you through it! There have been times when I thought I would go nuts, but Yahweh held me together. Our family is intact. Our marriage is intact. Our sanity is…well, I guess that depends upon who you talk to!

Yahweh is good. We have had no resources and yet His people have come together…many people who do not know us and many who do not even know each other! They have done fundraisers and donated materials and time and labor. This house has come together as a labor of love. Love for Yahweh and love for His people…and specifically, love for us. We are amazed and humbled. Yes…Yahweh is good!


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  1. Dawn Phenix permalink
    March 9, 2011 9:28 AM

    that is great news! 🙂

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