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Is Your RV Energy-Efficient?

February 8, 2011

I have a guest blogger today…Samina Ali. She has written an article with some really good ideas to help us make RV’s more energy-efficient.

How to Turn Your RV Into an Energy Efficient Living Space

Quite a few people are living in recreational vehicles or what we call RVs. These need to be turned into a more energy-efficient living space to provide the maximum warmth to the people living in it, especially during the winter. The top 5 things to consider making your RV  greener and more energy-efficient are highlighted below.

RV Solar Panels: Have you ever been to a remote location and worried about how you will power up your accessories and appliances such as mobiles and heaters? With the right type and size of solar panels for your RV, you can power up a television, radio, some lights and even a heater or air conditioner! One thing to remember is that make sure you can add an RV solar expansion kit so that you can add more watt and battery usage.

Power Inverter: this is a must in an RV because you need it to convert the stored dc power into usable ac power so that you can power up your appliances such as televisions and air conditioners. Make sure you have a guidebook for use of electrical equipment in an RV.

RV Wind generator: This is also a must because normally, you would be looking for a RV specific campsite to park your vehicle in for power supply, etc. However, with a wind generator, you don’t have to worry about that because it acts as a source of energy generator. For more information on how or where energy can escape from inside your living space, visit the EnviroVent website.

LED lights are normally used as reading lights and have been around for years. By installing a few of these in your RV you can be sure to have long-lasting light power, which saves time, money and energy. Top uses for a LED light include reading, kitchen area lighting as well as night lights to name a few.

Installing solar shower and bathroom in your RV is the least expensive way to get hot water. However, be sure that there are windows in the bathroom or some form of ventilation, the most common ones for RV are roof vents as they are efficient in eliminating odours from holding tanks and toilets to keep your RV smelling clean and fresh.

So if you are thinking of moving into an RV and are contemplating how you will be able to create a spacious and energy-efficient living space, be sure to keep these top tips in mind.

For more articles on energy efficiency and home ventilation, please visit this division of Envirovent at The Home Ventilation division can also provide you with useful information on other issues surrounding your living space, including the ever popular issue of condensation on windows.

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