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What Is Most Important to You??

December 27, 2010

This time of year can bring a lot of hurrying and scurrying here and there. Rushing to and fro. Standing in shopping lines. Running up the credit cards. Getting to this party and that. Decorations. Wrapping. Gifts. Debt. Exhaustion. Cooking and baking.

What is this time of year like for you? Does the above paragraph describe your life this time of year? Or is it more relaxed? Do you buy multiple gifts for each person? Or do you select just a few carefully chosen ones? Do you get into a lot of debt? Or do you carefully budget? Do you rush about making the “perfect” celebration? Or do you relax, taking things as they come and enjoying each moment with your loved ones, without worrying about what you do or do not include?

Life is short. What is most important to you? Is it the celebrations? Or the people with whom you celebrate? Is it the gift giving? Or the people to whom you give those gifts? Is it the lights and decorations you put up? Or the awe you see in the eyes of those who enjoy them? Is it the rituals you follow? Or the One those rituals are supposed to point to?

Let me take another direction. Whom do you worship? Whom do you honor in all of this hustle and bustle?

If you celebrate Hanukkah, do you worship Yahweh…the One who preserved His people from assimilation and kept the oil burning? Or has the candle lighting and ceremony become of greater importance than the One to whom it is all supposed to point?

If you celebrate Christmas, do you worship the Christ…the Messiah…the One who came to set His people free? Or has all the celebrations (which really have little, if anything, to do with His coming) become of more importance? Who is your god? Materialism? The man in the red suit who has godlike powers? Or is it the Messiah…Yeshua/Jesus?

We know that Yeshua was not born on December 25th and was most likely not even born in winter. Yet, we DO know He was born. Has He been the center of all you have been doing this time of year? Or is He barely even given a thought?

Is it wrong to celebrate? No! Is it wrong to build gingerbread houses and decorate? To give gifts? No…so long as those those things do not replace the real reason for celebrating.

We have all rebelled against G-d in some way. None of us is perfect…NONE of us. We have not followed G-d’s teachings for how we are to live life. We have chosen to do things our own way. That has caused a separation between us and the Creator and, on our own, there is nothing we can do to bridge that separation.

Oh, we can try, and we might even do pretty good…for a while. But eventually we will stumble and fall, whether it is into selfishness, pride, greed, lust, or…well… you name it. You know what I mean.

Yeshua became like one of us so that we could see and hear and touch our heavenly Abba/Daddy/Father…the Abba who loves us like no other. Even the most loving of earthly Daddies cannot love us like He does.

Yeshua also came to pay the penalty for all that rebelling we do. He came to give us His Ruach/Spirit to live within us and give us the power and strength to do what is right. His Spirit sets us free from the tyranny of our weaknesses and imperfections.

None of this happens automatically, though. There is a choice we must make. Do we accept our Creator? Do we accept that we are rebellious creatures in need of help? Do we accept that Yeshua came to help us and entrust our spiritual well-being to Him? Or do we keep on trying to do things our own way?

It is pretty simple, really. It is not a prayer you say or a church you go to. It is not a religion or a denomination. It is not a set of things you do. It is nothing you can earn or buy or bargain for. It is simply a choice.

I urge you to make that choice…today…right now! Choose to accept that Yeshua/Jesus rose from the dead, proving that He is who He said He is…the Son of G-d! Choose to trust Him for your spiritual well-being. Choose to love and serve Him…allow Him to be Lord of your life. Seek Him with all your heart.

Unsure about all of this? You are not alone. He understands this. Ask Him to show Himself to you…to make Himself real to you. But do it with an open heart and be ready for Him to move in your life in ways you never dreamt possible.

If you have questions, feel free to use the “Contact” form at the top to write to me. I am no theologian. I am simply someone who knows Yeshua and has seen Him move in my life. He has touched me and given me His Shalom/peace…a Shalom that is there even in the midst of very difficult circumstances. If I can help answer your question, I will…or I will ask someone else to help me answer them. I will also pray for you.

One last thing…Yeshua did not wait for this world to clean itself up before He came to us. He came in the midst of our messes because He knows we are unable to fix our selves. We do not need to “clean ourselves up” to come to Him. We just come to Him and trust Him to do the cleanup. I have been amazed at what He has done in my life and in the lives of others I know.

Give Him a real chance…won’t you?

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