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Clearing Out Some Land!

October 22, 2010

This is what the upper driveway (the one going up to Beit-Shalom) looked like  back in June. It looks like it is running into some trees. Where the brownish looking bush is on the left is where you turn to the right to get to the upper pad where the house is being built.

The area of the trees now looks like this. The guys have worked hard on clearing it out. If you could look to the right from where I am taking the photo, you would see Beit-Shalom.

This will also become extra parking in the future.

The driveway going down the hill is to your left. The cleared off place is to your right. They were able to get some of the material moved out of the way, which you can see on the left. They were hoping to get more moved, but ran out of time. The building of the fourth wall was of greater importance!

They made an “incinerator” out of block to burn off the brush and the material that went bad due to sitting out in the weather for almost four years. With the drought, we wanted to be very careful and put a screen over it, too. They only burned on days when there was no wind and no burn warnings.

This view gives you an idea of where the blocks are. It seems like a lot of smoke for a little fire!

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