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Bits & Pieces from Today!

October 11, 2010

Whew! What a day.

First…regarding Beit-Shalom…well, you will just have to wait. Ha ha! I am uploading videos of the raising of the third wall and they are taking FOREVER! We did work on Beit-Shalom today, but I will save that for another post…when I can put up photos and videos.

Today was hot. The weather people say it is so unseasonably hot due to our being in a drought. I don’t like the drought…but the heat is welcome as we try to get Beit-Shalom built before winter weather hits.

This afternoon, I noticed a odor from the bathroom. Now…when you live in a space as tiny as ours that is not necessarily unusual. However, we do try to keep the water level up in the black water tank because that does help to at least cut down on the smell…along with a dose of that nice green stuff you can buy. However, when I looked into the tank after dumping more water into it (yes…isn’t THAT a lovely task), I noticed something was not quite right. It was oddly LOW! Having my suspicions, I went outside to check the dump valve.

Sure enough, a certain young man (whose name I won’t mention, but I will tell you he is 14) was supposed to close the black water tank a couple days or so ago. By now, we should have had a full tank! But it was very low because this is what the dump valve looks like:

Notice how there is about an inch of the metal rod showing? That should be more like 1/4 inch! It is closed enough for our dumping water into the tank to flush some of the stuff out, but not enough to actually fill the tank. This is not a good thing, although it would be a LOT worse if it had been left all the way open. Oh, boy, do we know about that!

If it weren’t for the smell…black water tanks would not be so bad. However, the seal in the bottom of the bowl no longer works so we cannot keep the smell blocking water in the bowl. Actually…I take that back. After almost five years of dealing with a black water tank…especially in the cold of winter…I am ready to be DONE!

In an attempt to cut down on the smell I did two things. First, I sprayed some foo-foo stuff in the bathroom air. OK…it was really Christmas Fantasy body spray…but, hey, it helps! It also gets me thinking of Christmas! I also started to fill this:

…and dump it into this:

…a whole bunch of times. I know I really need the exercise, but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I am READY to trade this kind of exercise for dancing to worship music in my living room!

On another note…I bought this for Dave a long time ago:

This, too, can present an opportunity for exercise. For some reason incomprehensible to me, though, it stayed in his car…in the package. If you don’t know what it is…it is one of those electrified tennis racket style zappers that you swing through the air to decrease the flying bug population. It sure wasn’t doing much good in his car…in the package.

Well, his car is now gone to car heaven…or wherever it is good little cars go (although…since it quit running…maybe it went to that other place). But I digress. The zapper suddenly showed up in the RV. With all the copious amounts of room we have in here, that was obviously a very logical place for it…still in the wrapper.

Well, the zapper in the wrapper isn’t any more…in the wrapper, that is. I took it out and decided to use it. There is a button on the side of the handle that electrifies the metal parts. (Insert fiendish laugh here!) Here are a couple of closeups. It was difficult to focus my automatic camera on several layers, but you get the idea.

It works pretty well, too. I have already used it on three moths and one cockroach…just in the last hour and a half. It took three or four swipes on each moth, but I got them! Oh, the smell of singed bugs. Actually, it’s not that bad. It is short-lived and sure beats the smell of a black water tank.

The cockroach was easy. I saw it on a shelf. So, I put the racket underneath it and knocked it onto the racket with the back scratcher (another handy dandy instrument). That little roach went snap, crackle and pop! Well…just the sound of pop…he didn’t really “pop”, you know…like a balloon or anything. What a mess that would have been! He passed on out of this world and his body went into the trash can.

I could share more about today, but I think this suffices. I hope you got a bit of a laugh out of my day. Even though things are not always easy and sometimes they can be downright hard…or rather annoying…life also has it upside and its laughter. A lot of which you see depends upon the filter we look through…that attitude that we have.

Just picture a woman in her 50’s swinging that zapper like a mad woman. That should make you smile. I know the though of it makes me smile…along with the score: Abigail 4…bugs 0.

I hope that you can find something to smile about today. Maybe it won’t be flying around with a tennis racket style zapper in your hand. Maybe it won’t be spraying foo-foo stuff in the bathroom to cover a stinky smell. But look for something. Try to see the upside in your situation. The more difficult your situation…the more important it is to see the upside. Believe me…I know!

Oh…gotta run. I think I see something flying around in here. Mu-ah-ha-ha-ha! Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-t! Abigail 5…bugs 0!


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  1. Joelle permalink
    October 11, 2010 11:55 PM

    Ha ha! I could have used your zapper here when a big old wasp got in the house. I went psycho on it with a fly swatter – I think I even scared the dog! lol

    • October 12, 2010 9:58 AM

      Dave says you can pick up these zapper things at Harbor Freight Tools for about $2 when they are on sale. I forget where I bought this one, but I do see them around. I am SO glad I bought it. At least with this, when you hit it, it gets zapped. Even if it does not die, its wings will probably get singed enough to keep it from flying…hopefully!

      Your poor dog. Did you ever get the wasp? I guess you must have or you would have gotten stung! I have been stung by a wasp. It wasn’t terrible, but it sure wasn’t nice, either. It hurt for quite a while!

      • Joelle permalink
        October 13, 2010 12:05 AM

        I’ll have to look for the zapper thing. It would come in handy here, since we have a horrible fly population that likes to take up residence indoors.

        I didn’t get it the first time, but for some reason it didn’t go after me. I finally got it the second time it held still long enough for me to take a swing at it. It was a big yellow and black wasp. We’ve been getting a lot of them this fall for some reason.

  2. Byron permalink
    October 12, 2010 4:08 AM

    Anything that reduces the bug population I am in favor of. I picture you dressed like the actors in the old movie Ghost Busters chasing after bugs instead of ghosts LOL A word of caution: Don’t touch that bug zapper when it is turned on, it could give a nasty shock.
    Chasing bugs and zapping them is a great mental break but it can also be exhausting when you keep missing them. My reflexes aren’t as fast nor coordinated as they used to be 🙂 I resort to spraying with a can of RAID. At least I know that if I hit the bug with the spray it is going down somewhere. The worst thing is to get a hornet or two flying around. It seems that when I hit at them and miss or spray them with RAID they turn and head straight for me like they knew it was me who did it LOL. I would rather get chased by a bear than a bee or a hornet. I panic and my anxiety skyrockets. I have only gotten stung five times in my life. The stings were very painful and the area where I got stung swelled up for days. One eye and the whole side of my face was swollen so bad when I was a kid that I couldn’t see out of my eye for about a week.
    Well, Have fun chasing the bugs for entertainment and don’t be hard on the 14 yr old. He is entering puberty by now and the frontal lobe of his brain has not fully developed yet. And there are so many things to think about when you are that age that it is difficult to focus at times LOL. Praying for you and your family to be in your house before Christmas. God Bless.

    • October 12, 2010 10:04 AM

      Byron…oh, my! What an allergic reaction you had. That would have me being very anxious around those guys. One thing about the tennis racket style zapper is that I can actually hit them! It is big enough to do that. We get fruit flies that drive us nuts. Dave zapped one last night. Wow! A big popping sound! But that guy was no more. Now that we know how well these work, I am getting another one…or two…or three. Shoot…I think I will get one for every room in the house. I don’t even want to fold it up. I want it open and ready. You have to hold the button for it to be charged so there is no danger of accidental shocking. Besides…I just had to test it on myself. It isn’t bad.

      I will get more exercise in the house in a variety of ways due to there being more room. I will also have more room to chase those little pests with my racket zapper! 🙂 Great image from the Ghost Busters movie. I had to laugh when I read that.

      As for my son…I read this to Dave. When I got to the part about “difficult to focus at times”…we both cracked up. For him…it is not at times. Although, when he really WANTS to do something…boy can he focus! lol

  3. Byron permalink
    October 13, 2010 2:50 AM

    As for the difficult to focus; I was diagnosed as having Adult ADHD left over from my childhood years. I have mellowed somewhat but still have the hyper at times. Explains why I was so hyper and out of control as a kid. Not to mention a dare-devil and always doing the unexpected without any forethought of the outcome or consequences. I drove my mother crazy. If she were still alive she might be pleased to know that I wasn’t just nuts and crazy; I suffered from a disorder. She could have filled me up with caffeine or some stimulant drug and I would have been calm and collected 🙂 Well, to some degree maybe LOL. I still have trouble focusing at times but when something does take my interest the rest of the world is blocked out. Had it not been for some wonderful teaches when I was a kid I would never have gotten an education. A few wrote me off as being too stupid to learn. Others picked up on the fact that I could learn, but in a different way. My mind was always racing and I got bored easily with something that didn’t get my interest; like British History-that bored me to death. But when it came to math, geometry, science and chemistry, my mind lit up like a fireworks display LOL. I am a visual learner rather than read something and then do it. But I have gotten better at reading directions before I attempt to put something together-one of those male things LOL. Having spare parts left over always left me wondering what I had missed. So now I read directions first 🙂
    RE: Fruit Fly Trap. Simple but it works. Take a jar or glass and pour about one inch of Apple Cider Vinegar into it. Has to be Apple Cider Vinegar. Regular white vinegar doesn’t seem to attract them. Put a piece of fruit in it. Peach, banana, the usual that attracts fruit flies. Put a tight piece of plastic wrap over the top – ie: Saran Wrap. An elastic band around the jar or glass will help to hold the plastic wrap tight. Take a sharp pencil or some pointy thing like a knitting needle and poke several small holes in the plastic on the top of the jar or glass. And you have got yourself the best fruit fly trap ever invented. The flies are attracted by the smell of the Apple Cider Vinegar and fruit. They crawl into the holes and get trapped inside and eventually drown in the vinegar. Depending on how many flies are caught as to when you dump and refill with fresh Apple Cider Vinegar and a fresh piece of fruit. Make several and set them around areas where you see the flies. Works outdoors as well but may attract some wasps and hornets. Make the holes bigger for those fellows to get in.
    I read an article a while back about cockroaches. The info said that they don’t like the smell of Eucalyptus Oil. The article said to place pieces of cloth soaked with the oil in areas and they stay away. Haven’t had any cockroaches to try this one on and hopefully never will 🙂
    As well, and I have tired this one with success; mix white vinegar and either black pepper or Cayenne Pepper with it and pour it around the base of your house to keep the ants out. Another one I have not tried is to sprinkle corn meal where the ants are seen. According to that article the ants take the corn meal back to their nest. They eat it but it binds them up and they can’t poop. I haven’t had a chance to test this one yet. But the vinegar and pepper worked. The ants just disappeared and went somewhere else.
    Anyhow, glad to read that your house is coming together at long last. Wish I were closer for the house warming party LOL. And a reminder to start looking into insurance for your new home. Well worth the investment and peace of mind. And read the fine print insofar as waivers and exceptions. Shop around for the best deal. From my experience insurance companies and brokers are devious and deceptive and neglect to tell you about the things that aren’t covered unless you request it be added. Like water damage from a leaking roof or a tree falling on the roof or a lightening strike. Many things they consider as, an act of God, unless you have specific and specified coverage for such things. Also double check the deductible amount. It is sometimes better to get a higher insurance policy amount because by the time they take off the deductible there is not enough left to cover your losses if anything happens.
    One of my past short term jobs was door to door sales. During my training I found out how to play words like: could, might, may and leave out the fine print. I couldn’t deceive ppl that way so needless to say I was not a very good salesman 🙂 But I did learn how sales ppl operate and to be wary of them.
    Did u notice how my thoughts jump around LOL. Focus, focus 🙂
    God Bless you and your family.

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