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The Trumpeting Call!

October 8, 2010

Something got our rooster the other day. Our son found his body in the driveway. Whatever killed it did not take it for food. Perhaps he was fighting for the life of one of the hens. We don’t know; but since a hen is also missing, that might be the case. So far, we have not found her body.

I really miss that rooster. The quiet is deafening at times. Not that it is really all that quiet living in a rural setting. The sounds of nature are all around us; but I miss the call of the rooster. He would trumpet the new day every morning…sometimes earlier in the morning than our neighbors might have liked. But, hey, if you don’t like crowing…don’t move to the country, right?

I would also hear him during the day. He would be calling to his wayward lady friends to come back. Or maybe he was just letting the whole world around him know that he was there and he was enjoying life! Whatever the reason for his crowing…I really miss him.

Every time I heard him it was a reminder that he was alive. When in distress, it was a reminder that something was down there. He was quite the fighter…protecting his little flock of four hens. Their cackling was also a joy to hear. They don’t cackle as much now…perhaps because they are locked up in the coop instead of free ranging. We have them temporarily locked up while we try to deal with whatever might have gotten the others and whatever keeps getting into our trash every single night.

I understand killing for food…but killing just to kill…that makes me angry. Just like when a dog got six of our chickens in the beginning…killing reminds me that we live in a very broken world. The perfect beauty that was there in the beginning has been marred by the rebellion of humanity against the Creator. The whole of creation was affected…and that is why we no longer have a rooster and are down to three hens of the 16 we started with last year.

As I walk down the driveway, I see clumps of feathers…the roosters. In the grass, I see more feathers. Whether they belong to the rooster or the hen…I am not sure. My son would know. He knows them well enough to tell them apart. Each one has unique characteristics and he spends enough time with them to know them individually…to know their appearance as well as their character.

Just as that rooster would trumpet his delight at life every day…I hope that, somehow, my life is also a trumpet to the world. It is my prayer that my words will in some way tell of my love for Yahweh…for the Creator. I hope that my words will tell the world of how much I love G-d and how grateful I am for what Yeshua/Jesus has done in my life. I should not even be alive and I am convinced that, were it not for Him…I wouldn’t be.

When I see those clumps of feathers, they remind of the vibrant rooster we once had. They remind me of his joyful announcement every day of his enjoyment of life. I hope that, when I leave this life, I will also have clumps of feathers (words) to remind people of me…to remind them of my joy in this life.

I know that some people may say “what joy”? We saw you as you were down and out. We saw you as you were struggling. True. However, I hope you also saw my faith…saw my love…even in the midst of being down and out. You see…life can hurt at times. Ask that rooster! Oh, yeah…you can’t…he is gone. Well…ask me! I will tell you that even when the darkness tries to prevail around me…the light of my heavenly Abba can pierce that darkness and find me. The darkness cannot cover me.

His light is also within me. Even when darkness is around me…not only can my Abba see me, but I have His Spirit within me…helping me to get through the challenges of life here on earth. It is not easy having Post Traumatic Stress. It is not easy living with my husband and son in a very tiny RV for almost five years. Yet…like that rooster crowing to the world…I persist in saying to the world that God is faithful!

Did that rooster always crow? NO! Was he always happy? NO! Sometimes he was being attacked and he was calling for help as he fought off his attacker. We, too, have an attacker…albeit a spiritual one. And there are times when we also need to cry for help. Just as he was protecting his hens…sometimes we need brothers and sisters in Yeshua to help protect us. And sometimes we need heavenly protection. Angels have been seen protecting me, but that is a story for another post.

I hope my words in my various blogs, in forum posts, on Facebook, in emails…I hope that my words, when I am gone, will be like those clumps of feathers. Just as they remind me of Mr. Rooster’s faithfulness to trumpet his joy through the air every day…I hope my words will remind others of my faithfulness to my Lord…of my joy in being my Abba’s daughter. In fact, my name…Abigail…is His gift to me…a constant reminder that He is filled with joy when He sees me…a reminder that He knew I needed.

Rest in peace Mr. Rooster. Rest in peace, Mrs. Hen. Know that you are both missed…each in your own way. I believe you are crowing and cackling with your Creator now…never more to be hunted down. Someday, I will be there, too…although not crowing and cackling. I do hope, though, to be singing my joy!

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  1. October 8, 2010 10:05 PM

    Sorry to hear about your rooster. I’m visiting you from the Expo! Come on by my blog when you have a moment.

    • October 8, 2010 11:32 PM

      Hey, Jen! I am shutting down for the night, but I will come by your blog soon! Thanks for coming by.

  2. October 9, 2010 1:57 AM

    From my memories of living on a farm as a child. There were four critters that we had problems with when it came to our chickens. Namely: skunks, weasels, foxes and raccoons. Usually when our chickens started getting attacked and we set traps we would catch one of these four critters. Setting a live catch trap would help to find out but if it is a skunk, well, just make sure you don’t go near the trap without some protective and disposable clothing. There are special traps for catching skunks so that they are in such a confined space that they can’t get into postion to spray. In Canada we have the Dept. of Lands and Forests or Natural Resources as they are now called. They have traps that we can borrow to live catch critters and then they take them away. Country living has its challenges but I wouldn’t trade my upbringing on a farm for city living any day. But I had to leave the farm because I developed allergies to the animals.
    Glad to read that you are finally getting your house under construction. I pray that you will be in it before the snow starts falling. As for your RV. I would give it a proper funeral and burial. LOL But it has served you and your family well and God has enabled and given you the strength, fortitude and faith to persist where many would have given up. I enjoy reading your posts and viewing the pics. I have put a link to my blog so that you can see some of the area where BAPearl and I live.
    May God continue to watch over you and your family and continue to give you strength.
    And just a word of wisdom from an old guy who has learned many lessons the hard way. When you get your house ready to move into it. Get insurance on it ASAP and your possessions and pray you never need it or use it. But it will be well worth the cost and peace of mind should disaster strike.

    • October 10, 2010 4:10 PM

      Hi, Teddybear. I got your other notes…they went into my spam folder. Your blog link is connected to your name in your post. If you hover over your name, you can see it and if you click on your name it will take you there! 😉 I would love to see where you two live. I will check it out soon!

      We have set out traps. Our problem is that whatever gets our garbage and/or our chickens is either too big for the trap…or small enough to wriggle out between the door and the sides.

      My husband did run into the man who is the animal control department. He has offered to come out with a bigger trap, but he is very busy…being as he – by himself – IS the department!

      Last year, we trapped a possum and a raccoon in our bigger coop. They are not bothering us anymore. 🙂 We know there are also weasels around here.

      Our plans are to donate the RV to whomever will come and get it. We don’t even know if we can get it started, but the engine was pretty strong when we parked it. The tranny is fairly “new” in the sense that the mileage on it is pretty much just the trip cross country.

      That is a good reminder about the insurance. We will definitely be working on that!

  3. October 10, 2010 11:36 PM

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your rooster, but I enjoyed reading your inspirational take on the event and how it applies to life.

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