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Exciting Days Ahead!

September 18, 2010

I have been working on getting food for all the helpers who are coming for the building of Beit-Shalom. We are so blessed. Several people have volunteered to bring food. We are looking at snacks, lunch and dinner for two days.

It is still hard to believe the time is so close. I am praying that the weather is good and everyone stays safe. There is always the potential for accidents when people move materials and build. I am also praying that we have all the materials needed. Our Abba is trustworthy. He will complete this house…one way or another.

We have high hopes of not spending a sixth winter in this tiny RV. I mean…we could if we really had to, but it is really wearing on us. We are a bit frayed around the edges…but the Creator is holding us together.

Lately, I have been setting up the new blog for Beit-Shalom. Since we will no longer be living in an RV it seems appropriate to start a new blog for a new thing in our lives. We are still playing around with the title. When we are ready to make the switch, I will put a post up here with the link to the new blog.

This has been such a long time coming…almost five years! I pray we are out sooner, but I would not put it past the Lord to have a sense of humor and move us into the house on December 1. I pray it is not so! I pray it is sooner! We want to be prepared for winter before it hits!

Last year, the really cold weather came in October. It really caught everyone by surprise. The last few days we have been feeling the chill of Autumn at night and even during the day for a few days. Today is rather warm…but nothing like it has been. We don’t have the mugginess today.

Once we move up the hillside, we are hoping to get rid of the RV. It really is no longer suitable for use. It would have to be gutted, demolded and rebuilt inside. The wiring for the lights is shot. The forced air heater needs to be fixed. There are so many things wrong with this RV. The tranny is not that old, but the engine has a lot of miles on it. Still…the engine was running well. Of course, now it has had gasoline sitting in it for about four years. That is not good.

If we get rid of the RV, we might actually still be able to see the meadow from the house. Obviously, it will be farther away. We are always chasing the chickens off our lower pad where the RV is located. With the RV gone, I don’t know if they will just come right on up the hill toward the house. They have wandered pretty far up the hill in the past. The guys are going to fence them in, though, so I probably won’t be seeing much of them unless I go down there.

I have had the evening and most of today alone. The guys took a Hunter’s Ed course. Next time, I will go. This time, though, it was so nice to be alone. I gave the chickens fresh water and filled a couple of five gallon buckets. We are in a drought and our creek it totally dry. I am hoping the deer will drink from the buckets. We see depressed areas in the unmowed portion of the meadow. They are sleeping down there. I love seeing deer. We have spotted several does and fawns. They are beautiful creatures.

Well…I need to go get some other things done. It is nice to come here and write. I could write forever it sometimes feels like, but I simply don’t have the time! I hope this finds everyone blessed.

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  1. September 19, 2010 10:32 PM

    Fantastic news with all of the progress going on there. My prayers are with you all and look forward to updates and the new blog.

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