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Beautiful Weather & Bug Bites Update!

September 4, 2010

Wow! Yesterday was so beautiful that I actually went for a walk. Usually it is too hot and muggy to doing any real walking. Plus I tend to be a homebody by nature. There are other hindrances to walking…like my back, my shoes and being on the menu for the bugs around here. Recently I bought new sandals that don’t hurt my feet. That eliminated one hindrance…although my foot is rubbed in a place I did not expect. I did not find it until later so I assume it must have been from the sandals.

As for the bugs, I have been trying to remember to take a Vitamin B complex every day. Although it does not take me off the menu completely, it does seem to keep most of them from biting. There were times in the past when Dave and I would stop counting bites after about 80. I am still cautious about being out, but even so, there are times when I would normally have gotten a lot of bites and I am only getting a few. I wonder if one bug will take a taste and then warn the rest that I am no longer tasty!

Another blessing regarding the bites is that I am not reacting nearly as severely. Or, even if I do, it goes away much faster. I get different reactions depending upon what is biting me. Some bites are really bothersome, but don’t last long. Some don’t really bother me that much, but they hang on for a long time…even for a week or more at times.

I used to get these really big welts that would stay for a while. Now, when I get the welts they go back down really fast…within an hour. And the breaking capillary action that would sometimes form around bites for about a radius of an inch and a half no longer seems to happen, either. It is either that or I am just not getting bit anymore by whatever used to cause that.

The biggest problem with my back is what I am sleeping on. Hopefully, that will change within a month! I am very optimistic about that reversing once I am sleeping on a good mattress. The other thing with my back, I believe, is my low activity level. In a tiny RV, there is no walking back and forth between kitchen and bedroom or living room and bathroom. Not only is there none of the typical moving around that takes place in a regular sized home, but there is also no real room to work out, either. I was working out, but Dave became concerned about the age of the flooring. He did not want me possibly putting too much stress on the floors and falling through.

One of the first things Elias did was to pick a flower for me which I wore in my hair. We headed up toward the close end of our road. While walking, a woman driving from the opposite direction stopped. She had noticed the flower and liked it. We had a really pleasant short chat and discovered that her mother lived up the road a piece in the direction she was headed.

Elias and I went one way down the road a piece and then came back and went the other way for a while.We walked as far as the woman’s mother’s house and then came back. I took some photos along the way, including some of the many butterflies we saw.

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  1. September 6, 2010 11:40 PM

    Lovely photo, and glad to hear that the biting bugs are not as bad for you.

    We have had lots of butterflies visiting over here as well.

    • September 8, 2010 6:00 PM

      It is amazing how plentiful they can be! Our mower broke, so our meadow is half jungle right now. It is not so pretty, but we have seen so many does with their fawns. There are all kinds of critters that like that taller grass!

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