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Build Day for Beit-Shalom!

September 1, 2010

The contractor is coming out on Sept 24 and 25 with some other workers to put up the house shell. Craig (through whom G-d is spearheading this project) is hoping that we will be able to move out of the RV by the end of September. We are praying for protection and blessing on all who will be coming to help and also praying that all the materials needed will be available.

We are calling our house Beit-Shalom…which means House of Peace. We are praying that all who come to visit will sense the peace of Yahweh here…for it is truly Yahweh’s house…His gift. He is building it through the love and concern of His people who have worked so hard to make this happen. We have no real resources…especially with Dave being out of work for so long. Yet, our heavenly Abba’s people have done fund-raisers and volunteered in any way they can to help make this happen. So far, we have only had to pay one person for work. He gave us a break in his fee and was paid out of the donations.

Some of the material is left over from a workshop kit we bought back in 2006 when we moved onto the land. It has been out in the weather and a few pieces have had to be scavenged for our laundry room. We are not totally sure what kind of shape it is in. We did try to keep it covered, but the weather breaks down tarps and the wind rips them and blows them off…even when anchored.We get some really high winds through here sometimes…which makes me grateful that our RV is not turned sideways. We might have been in some deep trouble in some of those storms.

Some of the material was scavenged from another building by a neighbor. They were going to use it for an addition and then realized that was not going to happen. So they are blessing us with it. Some of it is being paid for by donations. Assorted items have been donated from various places.

We are so blessed! We have lived in this tiny RV since December 1, 2005. In the four plus years we have been in here, our son has grown from a 9-year-old to a 14-year-old. Needless to say, his size has increased along with his age. The fit in here has gotten tighter and tighter. It is only the grace of Yahweh that has held us together…as individuals and as a family. I am very grateful to the homeschooling moms who patiently listened to me during the more difficult times…without making me feel as if I was whining or complaining. They simply let me share my experiences. I SO needed that.

It has been amazing to see how our Abba has kept His hand upon us…even when it felt as if the walls were closing in. When we have been sick it has been especially difficult…yet He was right there with us..through it all. Yeshua/Jesus told His followers that He would never leave or forsake them. We know that is true…even though there were times of darkness and wondering why we have been going through this. He has proven Himself to be faithful. He has gotten us through these trying times and I know He will continue to do so.

What doors will G-d open up for us once we are in Beit-Shalom? We have no idea. Dave still needs a job…or we need a home based business…or both. Whatever we do, we want Yahweh to be glorified in it. We want people to see that He is real and active. He is true and worthy of being loved, worshiped and served. This is not because of what He has done (and is doing) for us…but because of who He is…our Creator…our Redeemer.

Through Yeshua, we have the Holy Spirit living within us and we have access to our heavenly Abba/Daddy. There really isn’t anything better than that. I look forward to that time when all of this will fade away and be replaced by eternal beauty and good…a new heaven and a new earth. I look forward to the time when we will know Yahweh as He already knows us…when we will be with Him for all eternity and the darkness and evil will be banished forever!

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  1. Joelle permalink
    September 1, 2010 4:33 PM

    Yay !!! What wonderful news. I am praising our Abba with you. 🙂

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