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Long Term RV Living — Propane

August 31, 2010

I don’t know of any RVs that don’t use propane. When you are on the road and can stop in at a propane filling place, that is not much of an issue. However, what do you do when you are parked long-term and don’t want to move your RV? Or if you can’t move your RV?

Before we moved into our RV, we went to a place that worked on RV’s and asked them if there was something we could do to allow an external propane tank to be hooked up.We figured we could use one of those little 20 pound tanks as a backup for when we ran out of propane in the main tank before we were ready to move it and get it filled. They found something in their catalog and installed it for us.

Once we finally moved onto our land, we got a second 20 pound tank. As soon as one is empty, we switch them out and get the empty one filled. That way we always have a second filled tank on hand. You can also get the 100 pound tanks. They will last longer and the more gas you buy at one time, the cheaper it is. If you are staying on land that belongs to someone who has one of the huge propane tanks for a house, the driver who comes to fill their tank may fill yours, too. That is probably the cheapest way to go…unless you can get one of the really big ones yourself. But getting the really big house tanks involves a lot of regulations, so it is probably better to stick with a movable tank.

Regarding the 20 pound tanks…buy them for yourself. I do not recommend using the switch out tanks like Blue Rhino. You will pay more for your propane if you do that. Taking your own tanks to a filling place is less expensive.

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