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Long Term RV Living – Legalities & Insurance

July 14, 2010

If you are staying in an RV park, there really isn’t much concern about legalities. You pay them and they take care of all that. However, if you are parking in someone’s driveway or yard or on property, you need to check out what the local ordinances are for that sort of thing. Cities and towns often times don’t allow someone to stay in an RV like that and your neighbors could be a problem.

If you are staying on property, you still need to check the local ordinances. In our state, there are some counties that will allow you to live on your property in an RV. Some will only allow temporary stays while you build and some will not allow it all…period. You need to find out how these laws will effect you.

Insurance is a whole other story. Most insurance companies will not insure an RV that is being lived in full time…whether you are parked or traveling. They want to see it as being a temporary situation…even if it is for quite a few months. If you own a home, that really helps. A lot of your belongings may be insured through your homeowner’s policy…but you need to check for sure. In our situation, we have no insurance.

Whatever policy you get…read it carefully…especially all the fine print. I have read of many instances where people thought something on the RV, or in the RV, was insured…only to find out it was not. So check it out thoroughly.

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