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Random Thoughts & Duh!

June 22, 2010

We tend to have a lot of thunderstorms where we live. So…that means a lot of off the PC time and unplugging everything we can. The microwave/convection oven is one of the things that gets unplugged. We figure it would be nice to get the convection side of it fixed before it gets zapped by a lightning strike. Yes…that was written tongue in cheek…or is that tongue on finger? No…that would get messy! Ick!

Although we have almost all PC things running through a good UPS, we don’t want to lose the UPS, either. So…we unplug that and that takes care of most things. Dave has a couple of external drives that don’t run through it and have to be unplugged separately. Then…there is the phone.

Our UPS can have the phone line run through it…however, that does not seem to be working anymore, so the phone line running into the modem goes straight in. When the storms hit, the modem is protected power wise through the UPS, but phone line wise…it is not. So, I unplug the phone line into the modem.

We were supposed to have a storm in the middle of the night, so we unplugged everything before bed. This morning I hooked it all back up. No Internet…persistently. Then we realized we also had no phone. So, I called the phone company on a cell phone while leaning toward the window so as to not drop the call. The long and short of it is that we had a dial tone at the box outside, meaning the problem was inside.

Dave started unplugging and replugging…trying to figure out what was going on. Yes…we live in a tiny RV, but we have THREE phones. Two regular and one cordless. Well, actually, the cordless battery went completely dead on us, but we keep it plugged in because it is also our answering machine…and, if push came to shove…we could use it in a thunderstorm by turning the UPS back on. You should NEVER use a regular phone in a thunderstorm. It is too dangerous.

Well, he tried all sorts of configurations. He got dial tones when he unplugged the phone cord leading to the modem, but every time he would plug that cord back in, the phones would die. Well…we got it figured out…finally. I found out today that, although a data line will not plug into a phone jack a phone line WILL plug into a data jack! And when you do that, not only does the modem NOT give you Internet, but you don’t even get phone service. DUH!!!!

I spent all that time on the phone with the phone company only to find out it was my own fault. My cell dropped the call just as Dave was figuring it out so the technician does not know it was my own mistake. Shhh!!! Don’t tell the phone company. They have not called us back…so I guess they figured that we got it taken care of seeing as how we all knew by then that it was an inside job. (Dave had tested a phone on the outside box and it DID have a dial tone!)

This kind of reminds me of how often we humans try to communicate with G-d…but we just are not connected correctly. It does not matter how sincerely I plugged that wire in…it was put in the wrong place. No signal was going to come through. It does not matter how much I believed that I had done it the right way…it was not going to work. When I put the wire in the right way…voila! We had Internet and phone!

How many times do we try to communicate with G-d in ways that we are sure will work…but they don’t? Our Creator has told us how to communicate with Him. Yeshua/Jesus said to talk to our heavenly Abba/Daddy…directly. We don’t need a priest or a minister. We can go directly to Him in Yeshua’s name…which just means that it is Yeshua that gives us the authority to go right to our Abba. He is the only Priest we need!

Well meaning people will tell us we have to do this or do that…jump through this hoop…go over to that place, etc. But we don’t need to do all that. We just need to talk to Him. He is listening for our voices. We can learn to hear His voice back to us. I hope you have a proper connection!

So…how was YOUR day?

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  1. Teddybear permalink
    June 23, 2010 2:04 AM

    Those phone lines and computer lines can be a pain at times. I did very similar. Plugged the phone line into one of the modem out terminals. Nothing worked. They should make those things a different configuration so they just won’t go into the hole. LOL. Anyhow, don’t trust your UPS device to protect against a lightening strike. It is too much voltage for the device to handle. It is best to unplug everything including the phone land lines. We have started to unplug everything before we go to bed and if we are going to be out for a while in case a lightening storm hits thru the night or while we aren’t at home.
    How’s the house coming? And the dispute with your barbed wire neighbor? I have been helping to facilitate a group once a week called Overcomers- A Daily Choice. It is a twelve step program. Tonite’s lesson was on Step seven. One of the teachings was about God using irritations to teach us. Like a grain of sand gets into an oyster and irritates it but in the end after several layers are coated over it the irritant becomes a beautiful pearl. God uses irritating ppl to teach us and give us wisdom and to help us grow. Pray for the irritant and coat it in several layers of God’s blessings and love and hopefully good will come out of the experience. I like the way my brother in law puts it; Kill them with kindness, it will drive them nuts. 🙂 God Bless, hope you get your mansion built this year so you can be in it for the coming winter, cozy and comfy. God willing it will happen.

    • June 23, 2010 2:49 PM

      Yeah…it would be nice if the jacks were completely different. I wonder how many other people do that, too! 🙂 We don’t trust the UPS. We unplug it after we turn everything off. We mostly just use it to control spiking and dips…things of that nature. And, hopefully, if we get caught by surprise or can’t get shut down in time…it will cover us. That is probably a good idea to unplug at night and when leaving.

      The house has foundation block that still needs to be filled with concrete. As for the neighbor, we have an appointment with a lawyer to make sure of what our rights are. Once we know that…it will make it easier. We are pretty much rural, so there really isn’t much in the way of interaction. In fact, we do not see them other than once in a while across a meadow and a creek or when he comes over to mow his closest meadow. We will always be polite and friendly when we see him…if we see him…even if it is in court. 🙂 We will keep praying for him.

      Yes…the house will certainly feel like a mansion after this tiny RV! I pray it will be fairly soon.

  2. emily l. :) permalink
    June 23, 2010 1:17 PM

    That’s funny, about the phone jack. : P I’m glad it’s working now. (: Oh, something you should know: our dog turns into a zombie at night. I’m not kidding. One of my brothers took pictures to prove it…( shudders ) We probably wouldn’t have been able to tell she was a zombie if he hadn’t put the flash on. ( –cough– he used the flash because it was dark out and the dog’s eyes reflected yellow into the lens )
    Have a good week!! 🙂
    -emily l. (:

    • June 23, 2010 2:27 PM

      That is funny…a zombie dog! Yeah…it was funny…kind of. I am sure glad my cell phone disconnected. I didn’t have to tell the phone guy what I did. LOL

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