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Thoughts For Today

June 15, 2010

Yesterday was hot…and muggy. The heat itself actually isn’t that bad, but the humidity really messes us up…especially since we come from a place that rarely has humidity. Humidity makes it feel so much hotter and really saps one’s energy. At least, it does for us. Today was much better, but there is more humidity coming this evening.

No more word yet on the foundation being finished. But we do have the block in! Woohoo!

It seems that there has been more rain this year. Is it our imagination? There have been a lot of thunderstorms…which, of course, means a lot more time off the PC. Out here we have REAL thunderstorms…not that wimpy stuff we sometimes had in CA. I look forward to being able to sit in a living and look out the window at the flashes while sipping tea. We love the sound of the rain…when we can hear it above the AC.

Another thing I love seeing are the fireflies. They are green here! And “white”. I had always remembered fireflies being more of a yellow color. That is what Dave remembers, too. It is so awesome to see them flickering everywhere. It seems like there is a lot more of them this year, too. Flashes of green everywhere. In fact, this year, we see them up on the pad, too. We don’t remember them coming up out of the meadow previously. It is soooo cool!

We looked out our window toward the meadow the other day and saw a doe real close to the bottom of the hill. She was there for several minutes eating the grasses and shrubs…a beautiful creature.

Later, we saw a pretty good-sized rabbit closer to the RV. It was still on the hillside, but almost to the pad where the RV is.

We have also had some guests off and on in the RV…really tiny ones. We offered them something to drink in the hopes they would leave us…permanently. Belly up to the bar, boys!

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  1. June 20, 2010 6:44 AM

    Nice photos. We enjoy watching the wildlife that visits our home as well as the creatures we have seen while on vacation. I hope you all get some dry weather.

    • June 25, 2010 9:36 PM

      I am glad you get to see wildlife, too. There is nothing like it!

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