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A Foundation for Beit-Shalom!

June 4, 2010

Today, they started the foundation. First the sand was delivered. Although, I did not get a photo of the little dump truck used to deliver the sand, I did get some other photos. In this one, you can see how overgrown the Beit-Shalom footprint has become this Spring. Dave is using a weed eater to cut it back.

This is from the opposite corner.

The blocklayer brought a laborer who mixed the mortar. He also moved the mortar, along with the blocks, to wherever the blocklayer needed it.

The blocklayer is trying to remove the concrete forms. Dave was helping him. Some of them could not be completely removed, so they had to knock off the extra wood as best they could.Below is one of the forms they were trying to remove.

Here are the bags of cement and the pile of sand for the mortar.

Here are the rest of the blocks.

This is the wall facing toward the meadow. It is a 30′ length.

This is the mixer for the mortar. It can also mix concrete.

For more on Beit-Shalom go here.

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