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More Storm Photos – Driveway

May 6, 2010

This is our upper driveway after the storm. The view is from right about the point where the upper driveway leaves the lower pad. We are looking up toward the upper pad where Beit-Shalom will be. We are so grateful that the washout really wasn’t that bad. The guys have been working on keeping things from being washed out in heavy rains. We are so thankful to our heavenly Abba that the washout was not worse.

This is looking down the upper driveway from close to the upper pad. The location of the upper photo is around the bed to the left in the lower photo.

This is where the upper driveway starts. It goes to the right. The lower pad is behind me. There was a lot of water coming down the hill and flowing across the lower pad. So, I had trenched across pad and the driveway to drain it. It all got filled in. Dave retrenched it and put in a pipe. You can see more on that here: Preparing for Beit-Shalom. Here you can actually see it working. There is water flowing in from the lower pad (which still needs more trenching to divert more water. There is water flowing out the other side and over the side of the hill.

This is where the water from the upper pad goes into the rock and then through the pipe.

The next two photos show the water coming out of the pipe and going down the side of the hill…away from the driveway!


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