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Sometimes Life Happens…& an Update!

April 29, 2010

I found this in my draft folder. I thought I had posted it. So…here goes! I will try to put some pictures up next.

Sometimes life happens. The other day we came home to a fence being put across our driveway. It it a bit convoluted, but the upshot is that there is an easement that we can use that he is blocking us from. This same neighbor tried to claim that our creek crossing was on his property. It’s not. We do have another road access, but it is not finished. It is very rough and, at this point, delivery trucks cannot get onto our property.

The guys are going to have to take time away from everything else to work on that. Since we cannot afford to rent an earth mover, they have to do it by hand with shovels and buckets. That’s OK. It will take time…but it is OK.

It really took us by surprise. I mean…we sort of knew it was eventually coming, but we did not expect him to just have a fence put up with no forewarning. Of all the places on his property he could have started a fence, he chose that corner.

My printer also stopped working correctly. That means I can no longer print photos or cards for my business. I have to try and find some place else to get them printed…someplace where I can have control over it. I thought I had one…but I don’t. Living rurally makes it more difficult to find convenient places.

My business order came with the right product numbers…but the wrong products. They are making good on it and trying to see if what I really want is even available. It will be resolved, but it is one more thing to deal with.

We still cannot seem to get our convection oven fixed. In this RV, it is the only oven we have. Thankfully, the microwave part still works.

We celebrated our anniversary…16 years! That is the day we came home to the fence. Two days later, it was my birthday. My birthday is also the anniversary of my sister’s death. I have handled that better this year than previously. She died 9 years ago.

I am so thankful that I have handled this birthday better. The incident with the neighbor left me incredibly triggered and shaken. I think I was already vulnerable due to the time of year and I was just shocked. Ever since then I find myself flipping my letters when typing and my words sometimes become a bit confused. I am constantly having to correct what I type. I find my thoughts even more scattered than usual. It is better now than it was…but the whole thing really hit me hard. It left me very shaken inside.

We have no money. Dave is still unemployed. So we contacted the county lawyer for help. In many ways, I feel overwhelmed. I feel as if nothing is getting any better for us. However, I know in Whom I have believed. I know that my heavenly Abba has a plan. The Creator will not abandon us or forsake us. Our Messiah Yeshua is with us. He is our Defender. He is our Protector. Everything we have is really His anyway. If we lose something…it is because it is meant to be. He has a plan. It WILL work out. It is not the end of the world.

So…sometimes life happens. It happens for me. It happens for you. The most important thing we can do is to seek the Creator. We need to trust Him and trust His love for us. As hard as it sometimes is…we choose to keep trusting. How about you? Will you seek Him and trust Him even in the midst of the hard things of life? I hope so!

I hope this post makes sense. I hope the spelling and all is OK as I am still fighting triggers. I refuse to give up, though!

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