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A Barbed Wire Fence & Not So Nice Neighbor

April 29, 2010

When we came home on our anniversary, we found our driveway blocked. The barbed wire going across with the red flags and sign was not up yet. It was just the fencing going from the white post across to the creek. Later, the section with the flags and sign was added. There is an easement that starts at the white post and runs 40′ along the road on our neighbor’s property. He blocked us off from that tiny piece of land. A friend had laid down a base on the other side of the white post and mailbox to start work on a second road access, but we did not have a chance to finish it when he did this without any warning.

This is what we had to drive through/across to get onto our land. It was a good thing we were in our van. Our car would not have made it across.

The guys have to clear the weeds all the way to the mailbox. They also have to bring in buckets of rocks and gravel from the creek bed to smooth it out and widen it.

Our printer suddenly refused to print the new black and magenta cartridges, but I got green to print the following. We put it up over the mailbox because we did not want anyone to think that WE were blocking them out of our driveway. We had just put the washer out the day before for someone we know to take it for scrap metal.

This is the fence on the RV side of the creek. You are looking across the neighbors meadow and over at his house and workshop. You cannot see it, but there is a tiny creek on the other side of that meadow that you have to cross to get to his house. He was using our creek crossing to mow the little meadow you see. Now he has no access to it because he has fenced himself off. His meadow is no longer being mowed. We were told that he is hiring someone to put his own creek crossing in next to ours…on his side of the fence, of course.

The next day, another portion of fence was added. This is the other end of the fence. We have stopped him from adding any more. It is not the fence we object to so much as the fact that there are no survey markers between the corners. How do you make a fence on a border when the border is not marked?

When the second section was added, the wire across the creek was added, too. The previous day there was a fence on both sides, but no wire across the creek. They added the wire.

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  1. Susan permalink
    April 30, 2010 1:52 AM

    How did you “stop him from adding any more” fence???

    • April 30, 2010 11:01 AM

      We talked to the “fencer”. The “ball” is now in our neighbor’s court.

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