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Preparing for Beit-Shalom

April 15, 2010

The guys  have worked hard on repairing the driveway…especially the upper driveway. The rains had taken their toll and the runoff dug some deep places. There was even a gully along side of the gully we actually want to be there. You can see in this photo where the guys filled in the extra gully with rock. The side gully is a bit overgrown, but it is still there at the bottom of the hillside on the right.

I had dug a gully across the upper driveway where it goes up from the lower pad where the RV is toward the upper pad where Beit-Shalom will be built. I have had to dig it more than once so that the rain could drain down the side of the hill and not down the lower driveway. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep it up when the rains hit really hard and vehicles drive over it. The concrete truck really flattened it.

Dave dug it back out and put a small culvert pipe in it. Then he filled in all around it with dirt and various size rocks. He placed really big flat rocks over the top of it to keep it from getting squished. This is a good thing. Every step we take to make a “permanent” solution is good. It means one less thing to have to keep repairing and fixing.

Here it is covered up with rock.

Now that the upper driveway is drivable, the materials for the foundation can be delivered. We already have the block. It was delivered last summer. Once the rest of the foundation materials are delivered, the block layer can come out. I have no idea what his schedule is like. He is doing it as a side job and giving us a break in the cost. We are very grateful and very blessed as there is no other way in which we could do this.

So, now we are in a hold mode…waiting on the foundation. We know it will happen in our Abba’s good time. For more on Beit-Shalom, go here.

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  1. April 15, 2010 11:37 PM

    Wow, that looks like quite a project. I hope the weather cooperates for you as more of the work is done.

    • April 16, 2010 2:53 PM

      Thank you. We are waiting on material and a block layer. We are definitely praying for good weather.


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