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Letting Go of Dreams & Getting New Ones!

April 2, 2010

When we first moved here I brought some dreams with me. I dreamt of an old farmhouse…or an old Victorian era house…a house with character…unlike the suburban neighborhoods I saw in CA where all the houses have the same four or five basic floor plans that are just tweaked a bit or mirrored.

There were things I dreamt that this old house would have. Things like…at least two bathrooms…one of which would have an old clawfoot tub comfortable for soaking in. Clawfoot was preferred, but anything suitable for soaking would have worked. Slanted back. Support for head and neck. Deep enough to actually soak in. Dave likes a whirlpool feature…but me, I just wanted something comfortable to soak in…for therapy purposes. And there had to be a shower set up with it to rinse my body and hair off.  I have seen some that worked pretty well. That was one part of the house I dreamt of when I moved here.

This house would also, hopefully, have a large lot with plenty of room for a garden and chickens and maybe even goats! Which brings me to another room in that house I dreamt of…the kitchen. I wanted a large kitchen so that I could learn to can the food that we would grow in the garden. I wanted to become self-sufficient as much as possible and to feed my family healthy food…the fruit of our labors. Of course, a basement that I could use as a root cellar would also come with this house.

Another room in my dream house is the living room. It would be a nice big room…with a wide top wood-stove…comfy for gatherings of friends and neighbors…for celebrations and bible studies…for youth gatherings. This, along with the large kitchen, would be a place where people can come together to play and laugh and to grow and chat.

This house would also have extra bedrooms so that friends and family could come visit and stay with us. And an office/library where people could meet in privacy for extra encouragement. It would be a place of laughter, fellowship and ministry.

Well…we got here and found everything I dreamt of out of reach. Houses like that are typically SO old they are literally falling apart. It would take a fortune to fix one up. That is…if we could even find one in our price range. And, of course, the ones in good shape were in town and NOT in our price range.

Well…our Abba has a way of giving us what He knows we need…rather than what we want. I have given Him my dreams and He is replacing them with something else.  I won’t really know what it is until it is all done. I have learned over the years to trust Him in whatever He chooses to do. It is always best. And He will show us what to do with whatever He provides. At this point…I just hope it has a good soaking bathtub!

Now…for my random photo…a house of another kind.

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