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A Footer & a Foundation & Trust!

April 2, 2010

Well…the footer has been done since Autumn. Now it is time for the foundation. The contractor was waiting on the driveway to be drivable for the sand truck. Now that it is, he is ordering the rest of the materials to build the foundation. The block was ordered last Autumn. I don’t know when the block layer will be available. Hopefully, it will be right after the materials get here. What a blessing it is for the footers and foundation to be provided.

It has been a long wait for us. We have learned much…including how to trust our heavenly Abba more deeply. He has been our biggest comfort, especially since my best PTSD grounding and coping techniques have not been available to me. He has gotten us through five winters in this little RV. He can certainly take care of us in whatever else He has planned.

This also reminds us that this is not our real Home. Our real Home is in heaven with our L-rd for all eternity. It is comforting to know that because this world is a hard place to live. I look at everything going on…especially politically. If I did not understand the bigger picture, I would be afraid. There are times when I do fight the temptation to fear…but I choose to trust in my Abba.

I am also hoping, once we are in Beit-Shalom, to get the land cleaned up…especially the RV pad. Everything is scattered all over the place, but it is so overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with everything…especially since we keep feeling so lousy. Some day…

For more on Beit-Shalom…go here: Yahweh’s House/Beit-Shalom

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