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Whisperings & Bits & Pieces From the Little RV!

March 24, 2010

I have so many things to share…hence the “Bits & Pieces” part of the title. But first…the “Whisperings” part. Right now, I have practically no voice left. I have been told that I am allergic to some micro-organism that grows in the river valley. Someone else I know…who says he has the same thing…calls it histoplasmosis.  He says it is only in two places in the world and that almost everyone in this area has it. He says that if x-rays were taken of their lungs, you would see the little cystlike things in their lungs.

Anyone else I talk to about histoplasmosis believes it kills people and that it is somehow connected to birds. We do know of a couple of people who were almost killed by it. So, I decided it was high time I did some information gathering, aka research, on the subject. I found a paper on it by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). It was very informative.

Histoplasmosis is in more than two places in the world. In the US is along the major river valleys…the Ohio, Mississippi and St. Lawrence rivers and the Rio Grande. It does not come from birds, however, bird it does feed quite nicely from bird poop, hence…the bird connection. It can definitely kill people, however, the majority are actually asymptomatic.

I tend to start feeling very poorly at different times throughout the year. When I looked at the symptoms list, I found myself there. This is the first time I have had the hoarseness, though, that I can remember anyway. So…I am thinking that, although I cannot confirm it, I just may have histoplasmosis. For more information go here.  If that does not work, copy and paste this into your browser:

Now…on to other things! I have been very busy today. Here is a list:

*I swapped out some spring and winter tops. Yay!

*organized the reusable grocery bags in the back of the van…again

*tidied up the DVD’s…but did NOT find the one I was looking for. I did, however, find the rental that we all thought was returned. Oops!

*dried out a bin that had boxes of plastic bags in it. Yep…am working on drying and organizing the bags, too, seeing as how the boxes are soggy.

*made spaghetti for the guys for lunch (think little RV stove here)

*took some pics of what the guys are doing and of our new beta rooster (more on that later) and picked up the mail

*double checked that all the convection oven parts are here for the repairman coming out tomorrow

*change the water pitcher filter and cleaned the pitchers

Well…that gives you a taste of my day. I still need to defrost the refrigerator. RV fridges run differently. They use fins sticking into the interior to cool it down. Here is a picture of the fins. Notice the ice building up in the back. It can get so coated with ice that it actually looks as if they are made of ice! The gap is where I accidentally broke one pair of fins out. I you look, you can see that they are folded. The flat part between the fins is riveted to the back of the fridge.

This is picture of the freezer. Dave keeps a mug in there because he likes his water COLD! He had to chop it out yesterday. I guess I really better get to the defrosting! I use a hair dryer to melt the ice. That makes things go faster. One of the reasons I do not like to defrost it is because it takes longer for an RV type fridge to cool down. Thankfully, I have a regular fridge outside that I can put things into. Hm…I think this is going to have to wait for another day or two.

I keep plugging along with my photos, but it is taking me time. Since reformatting, I have had to recheck my printer settings, fix my photo catalog and try to make Mother’s Day cards using a photo software that I am still learning to use. It is slow going, but I am making progress.

Our Alpha rooster is now our Beta rooster. He kept a pretty close watch on the hens and kept the other rooster in his place. Well, they got into it big time…again…and this time they switched places. Our new Beta is the former Alpha. We are giving him other shelter for a while to give him a chance to heal. I kind of feel for the guy. He has definitely become more people friendly. Gee…I wonder why!

We could get rid of one of them, but we figure that we may lose one anyway at some point and it is better, for now, to have two roosters protecting the hens. Plus, if one “disappears”, we still have a “fertilizer” for our eggs. Here is a picture of him. Finally, he will let me close enough to get a half way decent pic. He is looking better than he was. He was pretty beat up around the face. This side isn’t too bad.

The black on red is dried blood and scabbing. He used to have a lot more.

The guys are working on the driveway for Beit-Shalom, but I think I will put that in another post! Right now I need to go take my allergy meds. I “think” they might be helping. It is really difficult to discern. It would be nice to not have to buy any more. I am also taking oil of oregano drops…the most potent kind you can take. There is a trick to doing it that works fairly well…if done correctly.

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  1. emily l. :) permalink
    March 26, 2010 4:37 PM

    Oh!! I hope you are better very very soon. Did it snow where you are?? It snowed maybe an inch here!! Darn. And yesterday I was wondering whether or not to wear shorts!! Feel better soon!! (:
    -Emily (:

    • March 26, 2010 6:27 PM

      Thank you, Emily. We got a dusting of snow, but that is all. It is barely noticeable. I just brought some sleeping shorts in a day or so ago. 🙂

  2. September 30, 2010 1:24 PM

    Cleaning out the RV freezer always takes a while to defrost. I always feel like I accomplished so much after its nice and neat and looks good as new. Same thing goes with the RV right after I clean everything out its nice to just have it organized. But before long it becomes one big cluster again. Hope you begin feeling better.

    • September 30, 2010 9:27 PM

      Right now…my freezer looks even worse than in that picture. I so hear you about cleaning the RV. I will vacuum, but in no time at all it looks like I did nothing. I joke about living in and entryway! 🙂

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