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The Latest on Beit-Shalom!

March 18, 2010

We just got a call from Craig. As soon as the driveway is solid enough to get a truck to the upper pad we can get the materials for the foundation up there. Right now, we just have the footers, but we need the block layer to put the block foundation on top of that. Once that is done, they can start building. Woohoo!

I have a call in to find out if the offer to make us a kitchen counter top is still good.

Dave will be checking the driveway tomorrow.

At the end of last winter…winter number four…I declared that I absolutely did NOT have winter number five in me. At that point, I was incredibly stressed and not doing very well. Well…I was right…yet my heavenly Abba was gracious. Although the cold weather hit early and hit hard, we had very little ice. Yay! We had snow…which was fine. And He sustained me. It is only because of Him that I made it through winter number five.

Now it looks like the house that could not get finished last year will be done this year. We don’t need it completely done inside…just an insulated shell that is finished enough to move into. Believe me…if we can make living in an RV for 4 years, 3 months and 18 days (so far) work…we can make living in an unfinished shell work!

For more on Beit-Shalom go here.

For my random photo this post, I will choose something from Beit-Shalom. These are pictures of the center footers. They look kind of like cement filled fire rings. That is what you call using available natural materials.

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