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Lessons Learned & Real Life Faith Experiences

March 18, 2010

It’s been 4 years, 3 months and 18 days since we moved into our RV. This was NOT the plan! Yet, our heavenly Abba HAS blessed us very much through this incredible hardship. We have grown in ways we never would have had our life been easier. We have learned things we never would have learned.

It is one thing to say we trust Him…it is another to have to live it out. Taking what you believe in “theory” and making it real life experience is an incredible journey…one I would not trade for anything. All of the hard things I have experienced in my life have helped me to grow and become the woman I am today. My experiences contribute to my fragility. Yet, they also contribute to my strengths and, hopefully, to a more empathetic heart.

There is something about being poor that really opens your eyes and heart to the world around you and opens your heart to the Creator. We now understand more about how people can be in situations like ours through no real fault of their own. Sometimes…life just happens. Sometimes…in spite of all your best efforts…you just end up in situations beyond your control.

It can be real easy for people to assume they know what the issues and needs are.  Those assumptions contribute to not listening to the hurting and needy. Attempts to help based upon assumptions can be devastating to those they are trying to help. They can also cause judgments to be given rather than real encouragement and support. Those judgments are felt, even if they are not spoken outwardly in their presence.

It is amazing, too, how you can sense when you are being “discussed” behind your back aka “gossip”. You just know. We had that happen…and, sure enough, it was confirmed several years later. Discussions are not bad, but they should include the ones needing help. Never presume to just go in and take charge. Find out first if they already have a plan that they just need some help implementing. If their plan is not a sound one, then help them to make a sound one!

There are different levels of need. Sometimes people just need a one time monetary gift to help them with something specific…like an unexpected medical bill or meals for someone who is temporarily “disabled”.

Sometimes people need ongoing assistance. There can be so many needs and so many reasons why the need is there. While we do need to address the immediate need, we also need to work on the long-term solution of getting them out of the situation and helping them to stay out. We need to help them become self-sufficient.

Sometimes there is a really huge need…like ours right now. We need a house/cabin. There is no way we can do this alone without little to no resources. It is also too big for any one group or congregation to take care of. So, our heavenly Abba has placed it upon the hearts of people from different groups and different congregations to try to help us out. There are people who have not even met us who are each trying to do their part. No matter how big or small the contribution, it all comes together to become Beit-Shalom…the House of Peace. This will be the house that Yahweh built through His faithful people.

What our Abba is doing is something very wonderful…and we are humbled…and very grateful. We hope that we never forget the hard things we have experienced. We want to take what we have learned from our experiences and use it to minister to others.

Now…for my random photo!

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  1. emily l. :) permalink
    March 19, 2010 9:32 PM

    Again, I like the photo. (:
    -emily long (:

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