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Stuff, stuff and More STUFF!!

March 6, 2010

Stuff, stuff and more STUFF…that’s a lot of…well…stuff!

First, there’s the Stuff that consists of our belongings. There’s the Stuff we have in bins outside where the raccoons like to have a field day and the weather breaks down the bins. Last night we could hear the metal bang of one of my cookie sheets being taken out of the bin. This bin has a latch and has worked to keep them at bay for some time…but not any more. We knew it was only a matter of time before they figured it out.

Then there’s the Stuff we have inside the tarp shed and the unfinished laundry room consisting of clothes in boxes that the mildew and mice have gotten into and cans with the labels falling off because of the condensation that forms on them as they freeze and thaw. It’s guess what’s for dinner time and there’s no way you are wearing THAT anymore time!

There’s also all the Stuff down in the big box . What a surprise we will have as we pull more of that Stuff out. It has been in there so long that we aren’t even sure anymore what all we have in there! From what we have seen there is already some damage from moisture and mildew that comes with freezing and  heating, but we will see. A lot of it does seem to still be OK. We will have to watch out for bugs, though!

And, of course, there is the Stuff  crammed inside the RV. Cramming is tricky, though. It makes it easier for mildew to grow and ruin things. It also makes it harder to find the Stuff that is hidden behind other Stuff. Still…it beats hunting through bins outside in the middle of the snow! We even have some Stuff stored in the car that is no longer running. At least it is dry (if I don’t put it in the trunk) and I can see what’s there (if the windows are not covered with snow and, again, I don’t use the trunk).

Another kind of stuff consists of all the thoughts in my head that I want to get out…ideas regarding things to write about. There are things on my heart to share here and on my other blogs, but that takes time I just seem to have difficulty making. Of course, the best times to do that kind of thing are the times when I know when I won’t be interrupted. OK…now that I am done laughing over that one…

And then there is STUFF…the STUFF of life that just seems to keep on coming. It does not matter what plans we make or how we try to work with this or that…something always seems to come along that throws us a curve ball. I confess that there are times when I really do struggle with that kind of STUFF.  Sometimes I am tempted to lose heart and get frustrated over the STUFF of life…STUFF like the dirt that is all throughout my entryway (AKA home) that I cannot easily vacuum up…or the convection oven that has not worked since the end of December…or the clothing I found with mouse holes (and turds)…or the lack of privacy or room…or…well…fill in the blank.

Yet…in those times, I remind myself how blessed I am to HAVE this little RV “entryway”. There are some who don’t even have that…and someday I will be able to vacuum it again. Although the convection oven has not worked, at least the microwave part of it has. As for the clothing, well…at least I did get to enjoy them for a while. I do have other things to wear. Privacy? No room? There are some who are incredibly lonely. As crowded as it does get, I do have my family. I also have the blessing of many wonderful people I have met on-line and in person with whom I can interact. Some people have no one to be with them in all the space they have. Or they have the space, but are unable to use it due to illness or disability.

No…I am actually very blessed…even in this environment. Yes…it is a struggle at times. I won’t pretend that it does not affect me. That would be dishonest. But I can tell you this…it is my heavenly Abba who keeps me going. There is absolutely NO WAY that I could do this without Him…and I do mean NO WAY!

The experiences of the last 10 years have done two things…caused His strength to be shown in my own fragility and strengthened my heart connection with my Creator. My sense of purpose, although shaken at times, has been strengthened. I continue to be amazed at all the different people who have been touched in some way through the writings on my different blogs. I know that it is only because of my Abba working through me for I have nothing left. My fragility is strong and I am totally reliant upon Him.

From our little RV on the hillside to you wherever you are…when the STUFF of life keeps coming at you and you feel like screaming (as I did not long ago) or you feel like you just cannot make it through the day (which I also feel at times)…remember that there is One who wants to help you through the tough STUFF of this life…our Creator. He longs to be an Abba to you like you have never known. That is why He sent His Son, Yeshua/Jesus. Won’t you cry out to Him today? He is there just waiting for you to trust Him with your heart and your life.

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  1. March 6, 2010 9:37 PM

    This looks beautiful!
    I totally can relate to all the “stuff” in my head, my home, and life!! I am so glad Springtime is upon us; it is significant for me and brings renewal, freshness, growth. May the Lord bless you. 🙂

    • March 13, 2010 10:54 PM

      Thank you! I hope to get more stuff out soon. I have also been writing on my other blogs. 🙂

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