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Life in the RV

March 4, 2010

Something is munching on our home. I am sure it is not the little creature pictured in the last post. (He’s long gone!) However, it is probably one his live counterparts. Sorry…I don’t have any pictures of live mice and I don’t figure it is all that nice to take pictures of the ones in the traps. Ick!

Something, probably a raccoon, got into one of the food bins last night. I lost some stuffing crumbs and the tapioca pearls. Thankfully, it appears that I will able to salvage the granulated tapioca, most of the brown sugar and most of the chocolate pudding mix. The bags in the boxes do not appear to be punctured.

Our chickens eat styrofoam. Go figure! Maybe they got it from the Cornish Rocks we used to have. We use insulation sheets and styrofoam to insulate the outside of the RV. There were some broken pieces down in the meadow that we were going to try to use and Cornish Rocks started to eat them. We don’t have the Cornish Rocks anymore. They were just little eating machines.

Between the weather breaking them down and the wind blowing everything around, we now have bits of insulation and styrofoam all over the place that we need to get cleaned up. And the Rhode Island Reds are going for them. We even  found our styrofoam ice chest with bites all around the bottom quarter of it! Silly chickens! We do feed them. Oh, well. Don’t think I want to trust those eggs until the chickens have been foam free for a while.

My convection oven broke the end of December. It has been one thing after another, but the biggest hold up (after the first company put us off about three weeks) has been a back-ordered part. Finally, the part is supposed to be on its way…but then, we heard that before. Between my schedule and theirs, I don’t have an appointment to get it fixed until the 25th. Hopefully, the parts are really on their way here and will get here by then.

I am very ready for the warmer weather. We are told the 50’s are on their way, although it will still go down into the 20’s at night. We have been averaging colder temps this year all winter and even in the Autumn. Of course we know that it is all a problem with global warming. *wink, wink* Never mind that the satellites don’t show warming at all and that the thermometers used to measure it down here are in different surroundings than they used to be…like parking lots instead of open meadows. Hmmm…do ya think that just MIGHT make a difference on the readings??? Oh, wait, don’t confuse me with the facts! We need to have people believe in global warming so we can regulate their lives by regulating (and taxing) everything they do! I have news for everyone…G-d is bigger than all that!

I had to reformat my PC. Everything has gone really well, actually, except for one thing. When I was trying to reinstall my photo catalog, I did not do it right and messed it up. It is salvageable, but it is taking hours and days. Ugh! But…at least I do have my photos!

Seeing as how I have mentioned photos, I am going to try and put up a little something when I post here…just to make it a little more fun and interesting. The photo might not be related to anything I am writing about, though. For instance, today’s is just some lights I took a photo of in December. The wind was blowing, as you can tell. I enjoy the colors anyway! I hope you do, too. As you look at the colors, think about how all of us are varied in colors, yet we still make a beautiful picture of humanity. Let’s all work together for the good of our world and each other. I am praying for my country and for the world. I hope you are, too.

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  1. emily l. :) permalink
    March 5, 2010 3:59 PM

    Were those lights on a tree?? They kind of look as if they were on a small tree. They still look cool though. (: I hope your chickens stop eating styrafoam ( i think I spelled that wrong… ), you never know…come Easter if they hatch any chicks, you could end up with a bunch of living, breathing Peeps!! That would be amazing!! lol. (:
    -emily long (:

    • March 5, 2010 8:04 PM

      Yes! It was a tree. That green thing in the background is a dinosaur! Living, breathing Peeps. That is funny. It is the only kind of peeps I really like. First, we have to get them a safe and consistent place for them to lay. Then we just might get some little chicks! 🙂

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