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Life on the Hillside

March 2, 2010

We have just gotten over a round of sickness, although I know feel as if I am coming down with something again. It is the winter thing, I guess. Oil of oregano really seems to help, so I am back on it.

Dave has been hauling bucket after bucket of gravel up the driveway to fill in the squishy places. It would be nice to put concrete on it someday. Right now it is just too expensive. So we are driving up and down a slushy driveway and pressing the gravel into the dirt. Elias helps, too.

I had to reformat my pc. It went really well and I have most of my programs loaded again. Dave had done a restore rather than a reformat awhile back. We learned that was a big mistake. It just layers one set of stuff on top of another. I somehow ended up with about 5 different users and almost my whole drive was taken up with system files. I had to store everything…and I do mean everything…on an external. Working off an external is not ideal. Now I am putting stuff back on my pc. Yay!

I have been slowly working with my photos in PSE8. What a learning curve! Thankfully, my middle son Josh helped me with some things I really needed to learn quickly. Other things I am slowly trying to figure out. I have a manual on pdf…which I hate. I like a printed book that I can refer to. Reformatting my pc has helped me to organize my backups, especially now that I can put things back on my hard drive instead of having to use the external all the time.

Speaking of working on my PC and PSE8…or I guess that should be “writing” of working on it…there are photos in my camera and lots of other pictures to process. Some day!

I am teaching a class at our home school co-op. We are watching the DVD series “Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution” with Dr. Jobe Martin. Then we discuss each creature. The students have a worksheet I made up that they can fill in and coloring page and an info sheet. It is a challenge dealing with such a wide age range, K-5; but they are all participating and seem to be enjoying it. I know that I am. Best of all, we get to meet Dr. Martin. He is coming to our area for a home school convention and he is taking time out to join us for two hours. We are so excited.

We have mouse traps in our potato draw. As a result, we have a decrease in the mouse population and we are no longer sharing our spuds. Although, the other end of the RV apparently still has at least one. I felt it walking on my foot last night as I was working on my PC. Below is a picture of the only kind of mouse I like to see in my RV! Isn’t he cute? A bunch of them were made at a Valentine’s dinner last year.

Well…it is getting late and I still have more work to do. From our little RV on the hillside to you wherever you are, I hope that you are enjoying the winter and looking forward to spring as much as we are. Blessings to you…and remember…you have a purpose for being here. You were created in the image of G-d and He loves you…in spite of how sinful we have all made this world in our rebellion against Him and His ways. He is not the cause of all the pain and suffering in this world…we humans are. He is the solution to it…if we would only listen and walk in His ways.  Won’t you seek Him?

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  1. emily l. :) permalink
    March 3, 2010 6:32 PM

    AW he IS cute and probably tasty too!! YUMMY!!
    -emily long 🙂

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