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Winter…a Season of the Year…and of Life!

February 7, 2010

I love winter…I really do. I love the snow…although I hate the ice. Then again…ice makes for some beautiful sights. I just don’t like it on the ground and when it is bringing down power lines. I love the beauty of a pristine blanket of white covering everything.

I love winter when the sun is shining and I can feel its warmth coming through the window. I love to sit and drink something hot and soothing while watching big, fluffy flakes coming down. I like watching the birds at the feeder. Lately, we have a yellowish colored cardinal coming around. He has the distinct top knot, but is yellowish in color with some gray. Cardinal/canary mix?

I love winter, but it is difficult to really enjoy it fully living as we do. Winter also means bringing things we do not really have room for into an already overcrowded RV. It means doing extra things…like de-icing the window tracks. It means cold floors and heaters in our way as we try to stay warm. It means going outside in the cold weather to do laundry in ice cold water. Although, right now, laundry means driving all the way into town (about 20 minutes away) to a laundromat. Sometimes, it is too cold to run the washer because the water sitting in the hose will start to freeze. Or…like right now…our washer is totally dead (and full of water). We do have another coming. We just have to deal with the logistics of trying to get the old one out and the new over here and in before the replacement freezes and breaks.

We also have to be careful getting in and out of bins. The cold makes the plastic extra brittle, especially after the sun has been shining down on them every day for months (and years). It is interesting to look out and see icicles hanging from the bin lids and to see sheets of ice on top where the rain has frozen.

It is a busier time of year…with home education and home school co-op. I love the co-op. It gives me a chance to connect with other home educating parents…mostly moms. We share our talents and abilities…our children, our dreams, our struggles. What a wonderful gift it is. What a wonderful gift THEY are! And this semester I have the privilege of teaching. I am loving it and looking forward to teaching next year, too.

So winter is a mixed time for me. I like it when I can get to my washer and dryer without going out in the cold. Although, even if I could just have a warm laundry room it would be nice. I like it when I can go into my refrigerator/freezer without having to put a coat on. But such is life right now. I hope it changes in the spring.

For now, I will enjoy the smell of chicken boiling in the roaster that Dave brought in from outside. It is being made into soup while I work some more on combining two articles. I will enjoy the beauty of the snow and the sermons from friends in AZ. I will enjoy that I am not out there with the guys who are breaking up the ice in the driveway after Dave and I both slipped and fell this afternoon. Our van is up here with us, while the car is below, not making it all the way back up when Dave came home early this afternoon.

Life goes on. The vehicles will get moved. The ice will eventually thaw. The seasons of the year will change just as surely as the seasons of life do. I will keep looking for the beauty and the good and keep trusting through the ugliness and grays of life.

From our little RV on the hillside…remember that it is all about trust. We need to trust the One who made us…that He has a plan and a purpose for our lives and for our situations. It is also about perspective…as hard as our situation is, it could be worse. Pray for the Haitians and do what you can to help them. Do the same others around you who have needs. Look for things to be thankful for. Choose to enjoy the people around you. Choose to love.

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