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Catching Up?

February 1, 2010

I have to laugh when I see that term “catching up” because I never really feel like I am…catching up, that is…with everything on my proverbial plate. I guess that could be a good thing. I mean…life sure isn’t boring. I never lack for something to do, although my living situation oftentimes does constrain me in what I would LIKE to do! In this case, though, I am actually thinking more of catching my readers up with what is going on with us since I last wrote.

Although the cold came early and definitely hit us rather hard, we are making it through. One month of “official” winter down and two to go. There have been some warmer respites, which we have thoroughly enjoyed. One time, it almost felt like spring…for about two or three days. Then it was back to the freeze. Ah well…such is life!

I am sitting here in the sunshine for the first time in a very long time. It feels so good! The guys put plastic on the outside of the window facing the meadow about two weeks or so ago, but did not get the opposite window done until yesterday. That means that I am finally able to take the foil insulation sheet out of the window I sit next to without losing so much heat. Until last summer, I did not get much sun through this window because most of the time we had to keep a tarp over the awning and the tarp hung down the side. That has since ripped up and now the awning is not really covered, which means the stuff under it can get wet when the water leaks through the tears in it. BUT…I have the sun shining in!

It is also good to be able to remove the insulation sheet because ice and condensation still form behind it and drip down along the inside of the RV. This creates a great medium for mold to grow. When I take the sheet off the window, I can squeegee the moisture off and get it out of here. That helps the Damp Rid moisture collectors we use have less moisture to collect. I like that as it means less emptying and refilling. We have four of them in the RV, plus one that hangs up in Elias’ area.

Although the light and sunshine are really nice, the view out of this window is definitely not the best. Looking out and seeing scattered bins, an unfinished platform base and assorted items scattered about reminds me of dreams we have had to let go of in this journey called “life”. Yet, in spite of the hardships of this life…or maybe because of them…I am close to our Abba. He is the One who gets me through.

When Dave got up this morning, the temperature was in the teens. It has been slowly increasing and we are now at 28º. As soon as it gets above freezing, we will hook up the washing machine and start doing laundry. I think doing laundry is probably the hardest thing about winter for me, right above trying to find things in bins outside and having all the extra stuff inside. Although, finding things in bins is always a struggle, but winter is definitely the worst!

I love winter. I love snow. Around here, though, we tend to get quite a bit of ice and little snow. This year, in spite of the cold (or maybe because of it), we have had very little ice. We  have had more snowfalls, although not that much actual sticking snow. Although the ground has been covered in white a lot more, it has not really been enough for Elias to toboggan in…yet. He is ever hopeful.

And so go the days…one after another. I have been trying to get a business off the ground. That has involved a lot of software learning and organizing. I have the paperwork done to file my business name on the County level, but have not done it yet.  Hopefully, that will happen this week. Other than behind the scenes stuff, I have put the business temporarily on hold. It might be on hold until we move out of the RV. I really need more room to do it right. I was so hoping to be in the cabin/house by winter.

I have also been working with Elias in helping him to get organized regarding his life and his education. He is now starting to use a planner. We will see how that goes. He is starting to understand his goals more and is learning to figure out to achieve them.

I have an article on internet safety due within the next week or two. It is just about to completion. Actually, it is completed. It is the companion article that it refers back to and that will be posted elsewhere that needs some finishing touches. I hope to finish that today.

All in all, we are doing well. Sometimes it feels as if the walls are closing in, but not very often. For that, I am MOST THANKFUL. That is something only my heavenly Abba could have done within me. It is still very challenging to live this way…and even downright hard. Yet, with the footers in, at least we have something in sight for the spring. I am trusting our Abba to provide the materials we need to get a cabin/house built so we can get out of the RV. Dave has already said that, if we don’t get out this summer, we will have to sell and try to find a place to rent. The RV is simply falling apart.

Right now, renting is a financial impossibility. The best thing would be to have a cabin built…even if we have to finish the inside after moving in. At least, it would be paid for and we know we can afford that. On the other hand, seeing as how all we have comes from our Abba, He can certainly make a way for us to rent somewhere, too, if need be. We just know that the RV is falling apart. It was never meant to be lived in 24/7 for this long (since December 1, 2005)…on top of all the prior use it got as a vacation vehicle.

We take things one day at a time. Dave’s job is a day by day thing. Life is a day by day thing. Yahweh is good. He has met our necessities. Considering He saved us from an eternity without Him, anything else we get is really extra blessings. I try to keep that mindset, especially when surrounded by so many who “seem” to have so much more.

For now, I will enjoy the smell of a chicken cooking on the counter in a roaster that we were blessed with. (Thanks, Darlene!) Hopefully, our convection oven will be fixed this Thursday. We have been without it for almost a month now.

From our little RV on the hillside to you, wherever you are, we hope for you blessings and joy. Remember to always seek the One who created all that we can and cannot see. Remember that He is not the cause of evil in the world. It was our sinful choices as a human race that brought the imbalance to all of creation and that cause evil to others today. Look up to the Creator and get on board with His plan. This is all just temporary. What He has prepared  in the life to come cannot even begin to compare.

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  1. Luke permalink
    February 1, 2010 2:18 PM

    But if you rent, then what would you call your blog?

    Little RV Rusting Away in the Junkyard While we Rent a Place in the City?

  2. February 1, 2010 3:35 PM

    *laughing* Good one, Luke. I don’t know, but I am sure I would think of something. I am still holding out for a Little House on the Hillside! Or a Cabin on the Hillside. *smile*

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