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A New Day Dawns

January 7, 2010

I just finished writing some Predawn Thoughts for the Day. During the early part of my writing I heard an owl persistently hooting, keeping watch in the early morning hours before the dawn. It is supposed to start snowing any time…a rather big storm coming in. My prayer for everyone out there today is that they stay safe.

Life is definitely busy, but I am getting a lot done. Yesterday I spoke with the woman from the Small Business Development Center for our area. She was very nice and very affirming and encouraging. Hopefully, we will be able to meet within the next week or two. For now, I am focusing on still learning the PSE8 software and numbering my photos and organizing them. It has been a lot of work, but a lot is being accomplished. I really need to lay this groundwork down so that I am ready if/when I really start getting a lot of orders. At some point, I am also hoping to get the website up and going, too…not just the Abi’s Views blog. I know the website will give me a lot more flexibility, plus I will be able to have an actual shopping cart. I also need to look at some more suppliers. I really wish I could go visit a supplier rather than having to order online sight unseen. That is a down side to living in such a rural area.

We are preparing for the speech tournament that Elias is in. I like that speech…and debate later on…teaches good communication skills. Although the speech and debate club is for the families…it is only the youth who do the speeches and debates. I kind of wish the parents could, too. I think it would be fun and a great learning experience. I know I did get some of that in school, but not on this level.

The sun is slowly coming up. I keep peeking around the foil insulation in the windows to see if the snow storm has started yet. It does not appear to have. We are supposed to get snow all day and until after midnight. Hopefully, it will then stop or at least slow down to a few flurries here and there.

Today, I will be working more on the photos and on some cards. No surprise there! At some point, I need to continue working on an article I have been asked to write and continue to prepare for a class I am going to teach this semester and another one I am going to teach next year. I am really looking forward to teaching.

Yesterday, I thawed out the dump valve for the black water tank only to discover that, apparently, the stuff in the tube itself had frozen. So, I had to leave the heater on under there and thaw it out. That makes two times in a row that we literally “prayed” the tank empty. There is only so much we can do in this weather. We are working on setting it up better so that it does not freeze. We are also filling it with more water since we cannot flush it with a hose. Otherwise, the tendency is to not have enough liquid which prevents things from breaking down and flowing out of the tank like we need. Such is life in an RV!

Our chickens are doing well. They seem to be handling the cold OK so far. Kitty is also doing well, but he does try to get inside. I really wish we at least had a closed in porch he could come into at night. I am hoping that, when we get a house built, we can put a porch on with screens in the summer (so I don’t get eaten alive) and plastic in the winter. That would provide a nice warm shelter for kitty.

Speaking of pets and pet doors, I hope you enjoy this short clip. It is one of my favorites. No, I did not take it. However, that does remind me that I have a lot of photos still in my camera!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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