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Another Day in My Abba’s Arms

January 5, 2010

I delivered my first order today. Yay! I know that I have much to learn, but I look forward to it. The woman from the SBA that I have been trying to get hold of called me back. She left a message for me and I hope to call her back tomorrow. The County Recorder also called me back and is going to mail me the paperwork to register my business with the County. One step at a time…I am moving forward!

It snowed a bit today, so I moved the van down the roadside. We went to the last speech practice before the upcoming tournament. Elias has a dramatic interpretation and an original oratory. He will also be doing an impromptu speech! Our speech club is hosting, so we parents are doing mostly non-judging duties, but I suspect I might end up judging a speech or two. I think I still need to get Elias a tie.

I was so hoping to have more room by now. In fact, one of the reasons I was waiting to start my business was because I wanted more room first. I also wanted more room to do some things with Elias. It is not happening…yet. Still…I know I am wrapped in my Abba’s arms. I can feel Him sustaining me. We are sustained by the prayers of many who persist in lifting us up.

We have been asked how we are doing. That really means a lot to us.  I think the most difficult part of any situation is oftentimes not really the situation itself…it is feeling alone in that situation. So, when friends and others ask us how we are doing…it really makes us feel cared about. Many people have shown us love…real love in action. They have worked so hard to try to make the dream of getting out of this RV a reality. We see the beginning fruits of their efforts and have hope to see it fulfilled come the spring.

Our microwave/convection oven suddenly quit working while I was trying to bake some potatoes. I was checking them and suddenly it would not come back on. The light would come on and the timer would count, but nothing else. Well, it turned out the switch was lying. It was saying the door was open when it was not. Easy fix!

Well…not so easy. A day or so after the repairman left I was baking chicken. Well…I was trying to bake it. It does NOT take over two hours to get chicken that is still not done! So…now I am trying to get hold of the repairman to come back and fix this problem…which is easier said than done. I keep getting a busy signal. I finally talked to sales and was told that their phone system was on overload from all the calls they were getting after the long holiday. Oh, well…at least the microwave works just fine!

I am listening to PBN right now. I really need the music they play. It is so soothing and uplifting. Pat and Claudia have become friends and are very dear to my heart. They are good people.

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