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Ongoing Life!

January 3, 2010

Life is sure interesting here in our little RV…and busy!

A friend from our homeschool co-op suggested that all those who had businesses set something up on a table during co-op registration to promote them. Well…I had been thinking (and somewhat working on) getting a business going using my photography. So, when I heard about this I decided to go for it…with only about two weeks to prepare!

I barely managed to get a crude display book done, some self printed business cards, a price sheet and some order sheets done. I ordered clear plastic envelopes for the photos and for the cards (when they are put on cards). It was touch and go, but I managed to pull something together…and got my first official order!

The long and short of it is that I have been incredibly busy with trying to get things going. I have a website, but no clue how to do anything with it. So, another friend of mine set the website to redirect to the business blog I started. Blogging I know how to do!

I now have custom business cards ordered and have a better numbering system worked out for my photos. I have also been learning how to organize my photos in PSE8, learning how to edit in PSE8 and get the some of the ones I already have done uploaded. I am still working on renumbering the others I have done so I can get them uploaded and start working on more. If you are interested…the website is Abi’s Views. That will redirect you to the Abi’s Views blog.

Due to being so busy with Abi’s Views (and with learning PSE8), I still have photos in my camera and photos on my pc that I need to process and, hopefully, upload here, too. Obviously, I am lagging in my keeping up here on how and what we are doing.

Here is a brief update: It is COLD, COLD, COLD!!! We have been experiencing below freezing temps both during the night and daytime and have at least about 15 or so more to go. Only a couple days or so have been or will be above freezing. Of course, I almost have to laugh because 34 degrees is “above freezing”.

We cannot do laundry now as the water in the hose would freeze too quickly in these temps, so a trip to the laundromat is in our near future. I had to thaw out the black water dump valve because it froze. No big deal. We have a small heater under there that we turn on. You can read more about that here and here. When I got it pulled, it plugged up a bit…something that is all too common lately. We have to be very careful to put LOTS of water in it. That means draining it more often…BUT it makes it so much easier to drain!

I prayed…a LOT…because I did not want Dave to have to deal with it when he got home. As I prayed, I kept checking it (which means I used a flashlight to see down into the tank through the toilet tube. Oh, such fun! (Written entirely tongue in cheek!) One time, while I was watching, it started to slowly move toward the drain side. Woohoo! I am very grateful!!! And I know Dave is, too, as he has had to deal with it so many times.

Today, Dave hooked up another circuit to run into the RV. We are currently using two heaters. One is a ceramic heater tower that oscillates. I love it because it takes up so much less room than the oil heater does. (Sorry, no pics yet.) This one has a remote control, too, which is really nice at night. I put the heater in the middle of the RV and I can aim the remote at it when it points in our direction.

In the bathroom is a smaller ceramic heater…just like the one in the post with the picture of the oil heater. We had to run it on “Low” so it would not trip the circuit breaker. Well, with night time temps in the single digits…the two heaters together were keeping us in the upper 60’s. The tower was already running off an outside circuit so it was on “High”. Now, the little one is also running off an outside circuit so we can run it on “High”, too. Yay!

Well…enough for now. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is really nice to share here with you. It has been awhile and I really miss writing here. There is more to share, but it will just have to wait.

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