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Another Blog & New Starts!

December 30, 2009

I have other blogs that I also write on when I can. One is called “Abi’s Thoughts on God” and the link can be found in the right hand column. Just thought I would remind everyone. I posted there today: Who Determines True Worth?

I hope everyone is having a nice end of the year and is looking forward to a new year. Many times, I just feel a need to start over on some things in my life. It does not always coincide with New Year’s Day. I can start my year over any time I want…even if it does not happen be around the end of December or at Rosh Hoshannah. I can make a brand new start any time. Yay for that!

I hope everyone had a joyous and blessed time this month and that you will all have a great year in 2010. From our little RV on the hillside to you wherever you are…Happy Hanukkah…Merry Messiahmas…Happy New Year! Always remember to seek the Creator who gave you life and who wants so much to be connected to your heart.

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