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Our Chickens & Guinea Hen!

October 27, 2009

Notice how the Rhode Island Red rooster tries to face down the Cornish Rocks inside the pen. The Rhodes are definitely territorial. They challenge the Rocks…even when the Rocks are outside the pen.

They also sometimes challenge the Guinea Hen. (The Guinea is the one making all the higher pitched noise toward the end there.) I will feel badly when the Rocks are gone. He finally managed…after his/her buddy disappeared…to sort of befriend the Rocks. I hope the Guinea Hen can befriend the Rhodes…at least until we can get more Guineas.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a bird house made by a friend and given to us when he moved. We have used it for the Guineas, but the Rhodes sometimes like to visit.

Birds Chickens 20091009 003

This is the bottom of the Rhodes pen after the last major storm. We had to trench around the pen in order to keep water from running through it.

Birds Chickens 20091009 002

Nature Boy with the chickens.

Birds chickens Cornish Rocks 20090903-4
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