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Rip-offs & Outstanding Customer Service!

October 26, 2009

Our van is in the shop. The dealer told us it needs a major tuneup and a new battery. Cost to tell us that? Somewhere around $136. I am no dummy. It does not take that much to plug into the PC in the van and get that information.

What parts are needed for a major tuneup? Spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor cap and coil. Cost for this tuneup (don’t know if that includes the battery or not)…$1500! Yep…that’s right folks!$1500! I KNOW the parts do not cost that much. I also know that they are set up for removing the spark plugs located in the tricky places. However, that does not amount to $1500 worth of work and parts.

IF I had that kind of money, which I don’t, I would buy a used car!!! I am no mechanic, but I am also no dummy. Sorry…but as far as I am concerned…that is a flat out ripoff. We did not expect a dealer to be cheap by any means…but this?? This just left us flabbergasted.

So…knowing that dealers are outrageous…why take it there? Well…Dave was able to get the van started on Saturday and figured we had better get it somewhere while we had it running. We took it to the dealer because we did not know of any mechanics here who have a PC reader. We really miss our good friend in CA who is an excellent mechanic. He has integrity AND he has the PC reader. Thankfully, after taking it to the dealer, we have had two non-dealer possibilities recommended to us. Yay!

Now…you don’t actually need the PC reader to do a tuneup. So we are going to use another gentleman we found who actually came out to our place to look at my car…which also won’t start. Unfortunately, he does not have a reader. The reason we are taking it to this man is because his integrity and customer service really stand out to us.

First, he gave Dave ideas over the phone of things to try. Then, he actually came to our place to take a look at my car. He is unable to figure out what it needs, but he recommended someone he thinks has the reader that can tell us. He did all that and did not charge a penny…even when we offered to pay him! So, we are taking the van to him.

Dave has to stop by the dealer and get some info from the van before he can give us an exact quote on part prices, but he knows it is a whole lot less expensive than what the dealer quoted. He told me that, if Dave can get the van started again, to just drive it to his place. He said he would drive Dave back to the dealer to get his car. We are talking driving across almost two whole counties, folks! We are VERY impressed with this man. Another nice thing about him is that he is right in the next town where we have our P.O. Box and church and library, etc. He is closer than anyone else we know!

We have been praying for the Lord to bless us with another mechanic like Mike Torres in CA. It looks like He might just be doing that…even if it means two guys instead of one.

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