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Guinea Hens

October 26, 2009

This is a picture of our Guinea Hens. I wish I had a picture of them roaming the meadow together. They always used to hang out…best buds. Then, suddenly, one disappeared. It has never shown up again. We don’t know if we had two the same gender and so one took off or what. I just know we only have one now.

20090716 Birds Guinea Hens 003

This is the one that is left. The two of them were not exactly quiet, but the one left behind kept calling and calling and calling.

Birds Guinea Hens 20090912

It would hang around the hen house and keep calling for it’s buddy…or perhaps mate?

Birds Guinea Hens 20090912-5

Now it hangs around with the Cornish Rocks in a sort of tenuous relationship. It almost acts like a shepherd.

Birds Guinea Hens 20090912-6




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