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Back to Oil Heat & Life in General!

October 26, 2009

Well…I hated to do it, but I finally brought the oil heater back inside. With outside night time temps in the 30’s, our little heater was really working hard to keep up. It was doing a valiant job, but I feared that it would overwork it and cause us to lose it altogether.

I hate using the oil heater because it takes up so much more room. You can see pictures at Some Winterizing.

We are also putting the foil insulation in the windows at night. On really cold mornings, like today, I leave it up for quite awhile before taking it down. Single pane windows lose heat fast. You can see more of what that is like here.

Another thing I have to do in the cold weather is to squeegee the windows when I take the foil insulation out. I often have to do this several times a day…depending on how cold it is outside. For pics of that, go here.  At least we don’t have the ice inside…yet!

On another note, the day is beautiful and sunny. Although it was down to 34 degrees this morning, it is now up to 56! I am sure the chickens are happier for it. We are getting eggs every day…which is VERY nice! *smile* I find it amazing how many double yolks we come across…and how BIG the eggs are that have them! I take one look at the egg and think “ouch!”

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  1. anna Mey permalink
    October 26, 2009 4:21 PM

    I have been praying so hard that you wouldn’t have to do that again.I know that God does things on his calender not ours so we just have to keep faith and keep praying.

  2. October 26, 2009 4:29 PM

    I appreciate your prayers! It is really OK. We will get by. There are people here who are determined to get us into a cabin/house. I am sure that our heavenly Abba/Father will provide…one way or the other. The biggest thing is the foundation. We do have the money for that as I understand it. So, the main prayer right now is that the contractor will get it done. Once the foundation is done, the rest is mostly a matter of materials. It won’t take all that long to get it up. The inside does not need to be totally finished…just livable. 🙂


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