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I’m Dreaming…

August 21, 2009

…of many things:

a good night’s sleep on a real mattress

a couch or chair to snuggle up on with a good book…like my bible…when I cannot sleep at night

the ability to actually find things I know I have…and without them being wet or moldy

a closet to hang my dresses in

wearing the dresses and skirts I miss so much

having room to dance and get fit…safe inside from all the bugs that still bite in spite of safeguards

having a screened in porch where I can sit outside without getting attacked (by aforementioned bugs)

having a bedroom

having a room I can go into and be alone and think…undisturbed

a laundry room without mice…and huge spiders on the clothes I leave hanging too long

having a table where Elias can spread his books out…and leave them out

having a table where I can spread my bibles and study materials out…and leave them out

having a table where I can do my art

having a room for guests…like family who might fly in to visit

having bookcases so all our curriculum can be in one place and easy to find…along with all our other books, DVDs, CDs, etc.

having a rocking chair again

having a real oven…a regular size oven

having cupboard space so my canned goods can be inside and not freeze in the winter

having a place to hang winter coats and things…inside

having access to all my pots and pans

being able to wash dishes and fit them all in the dishpan

having a water heater bigger than 6 gallons

having a kitchen sink that is more than 5 inches deep…and dry counters around it

Yeah…I’m dreaming of a lot of things. This year, though, maybe it will really happen!

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