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Boy Meets Slingshot, Rock Meets Can & Other Things!

August 20, 2009

Well… Elias was given a slingshot today. He only asked for one about two years ago. He is a happy camper. He’s been outside practicing and aiming at a juice can. I know he has hit it at least once. He knows he has to be responsible with the slingshot…or he loses it.

This morning, while he was outside taking care of the chickens, it started to pour. I went out to help him, but couldn’t find the umbrella. So, we both had fun taking care of the birds and getting totally soaked. I had just done my hair with hairspray. Of course, after the rain, it didn’t look very good.

I’ve been working on comparing two translations. I am seeing how many times the word “holy” appears in each one. What is really interesting is that the Greek word translated “holy” is also translated in other ways. Soooooo…I did a search on G40. Then I found out that G39 and G37 are related words and also need to be considered. So, I did searches on them, too.

I wouldn’t ordinarily do this. It is rather laborious, but also very interesting.  I have learned some things in the process and have a greater appreciation for anyone who has to translate anything from one language to another. Someone I care about is very passionate about this, so…out of love…I am doing this. She is worth it. I will give her the results and let her make up her own mind.

Well…I think that catches everyone up for now.

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