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August 18, 2009

It’s been awhile since I have written about Beit-Elohim. I don’t recall what all I have written, so some of this might be redundant.

We have our permits. I can’t put our floor plan up yet because it is not in a format that enables me to do that yet. Basically, we are looking at 30′ by 40′, with three bedrooms, a full bath, a laundry room/half bath combo, a pantry and a living room/kitchen great room. We are leaving a place for the garage to be added at some point, although there is someone who thinks we might be able to get a pole barn style garage at the same time?

Today, I got word that a family is donating a power box that came out of their former(?) home. It is the box that all the power goes into before it is distributed throughout the house. I am not real technical…so don’t laugh at my lack of techno names, etc.

Also happening today, the plumber, the grader and the builder are getting together on our property. From what I understand, the plan is to measure and mark the pad as to where the house is going to go. We really need to get the material moved ASAP.

Well…I am just now getting back to this. The guys all came while I was writing this. They measured and marked out the four corners of the house. It was decided that it would be less expensive to go with a block and wood crawl space than with block and a concrete slab.  We are fine with whatever they need to do. This house is Elohim’s…Yahweh’s…not ours. We are very grateful for the help to get out of this RV.

The goal this weekend is to get all the material moved so the footers can be dug for the foundation. The guy doing the digging is back in town on Monday. He will be waiting for our call.

I think that is pretty much it for now. This whole house is going to take a huge miracle…or actually…many smaller miracles.  Dave and I are amazed at what we see happening. Our faith feels so small at times…and so big at others. Thankfully, our Abba is the same…regardless of our faith or our feelings! I am SO grateful for that. He is unchanging, even though we are!

On another note…the creek crossing is  repaired enough to drive across, although it is a bit narrower than it was. We still need to work on that…after we get the material moved. The last storm really hit it. Hopefully, the storm coming in won’t damage it any more. It still needs more work, but at least it is drivable.

Our gardens are doing somewhat fair. We have gotten quite a few tomatoes. We have some watermelons, but we suspect something is eating some of the beginners because they disappear. We also suspect we are not watering them enough.  This years garden has been a learning experience. Dave is used to gardens in CA where the weather is very different.

I have to wear some kind of bug protection when I go into the garden. Otherwise, I get bit. Today, I ran to the upper pad while the guys were here and got a bunch of bites. I didn’t want to take the time to put the repellant on. I really should have.  Oh, well.

So, life goes on…here on the homestead. We just keep taking one day at a time…as it comes.

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