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Lot’s Going On…or…Life on the “Farm”!

August 4, 2009

Gosh…so much going on.

Our son, who became an official teenager on Sunday, let the Guinea Hens out yesterday. They are too young to be out alone, so Dave closed up the Guinea house so they could not get back to their food. He figured they would get so hungry…if they survived the night out…that they would go back into their house. They did. I think the night out without food or protection scared them a bit as they made no effort to get back out when I closed the door on them after they went back in. They were very busy eating!

There was a big storm a few days back that came with a flash flood warning. It washed out part of our creek crossing. Overall,  the crossing actually held up pretty well, especially when you consider the water level was probably a good three to four feet above the creek crossing. It just got a bit rough and washed out the uncemented part of the downstream side of the crossing. We also have at least one small pipe plugged up.

Thankfully, right before going to bed I received the flash flood warning, so Dave got up and moved the cars in the middle of the night (and the pouring rain) to the other side of the creek. Now we get to walk up and down the driveway if we want to go anywhere. It’s good exercise!

The guys have been working really hard to repair the crossing since then. Dave had been getting a few bags of cement here and there so that he can keep extending the cemented part. Eventually, we need to get a slurry over the whole thing. Right now, the upstream side is cemented and part of the downstream side. They are using a sort of homemade creek dirt mortar for now. Dave hopes to get some bags of cement so that he can finish cementing the one side. That is where most of the damage is…where the water running off the top back and back into the creek took some dirt and rocks with it. Overall, it help up incredibly well.

Today, another major storm came through. This storm also had a flood warning. Thankfully,  the water never did run over the top and the crossing appears to have no further damage. Yay!

I think about the storms of life. Sometimes, we just aren’t able to get what we think we need to have in order to weather the storms. Like that creek crossing, we just keep on adding the things to our life that build us up…the things that strengthen us. We keep doing what we need to do to get stronger, but do we ever really feel ready to weather the real storms of life?

Storms don’t wait for us to be or feel ready…just as they did not wait for our creek crossing to be “ready”. However, just like the crossing, maybe we are stronger than we look…or feel. Sure, we might take a few hits and be a little bit worse for wear, but we aren’t destroyed! We still stand strong!

Our creek crossing held because of all the hard work that they guys have been putting into it ever since we got here. Although the storms have come and gone and damage has been done to it many times, each time the damage is less and less. As we weather the storms of life, each time we recover and get stronger. The work that Yahweh is doing in us strengthens us.

From our little RV on the hillside to wherever you are…I hope that you do not have many storms in your life…of either kind. If you do, I pray that you are weathering them well.

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