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Obama Health Care – a Price on Your Head???

July 24, 2009

Have a listen to this before you blindly support Obama’s health care plan.

Obamacare puts a price on your head

Also read this:

Obamacare for old folks: Just ‘cut your life short’

Doctors’ Group Opposes Public Insurance Plan

Congressman wants Lawmakers to enroll in Government Health Care

Congress exempts itself from government-run socialized medicine!

And how about this article which shows that the government could simply pay the health insurance premiums for about a third of the cost of having a socialized health care system:

Paying a Premium for Insurance

Think about it, folks. Yes, the health care system needs some fixing. However, in spite of that fact, we still have the best health care system in the world and we live longer in this country than anywhere else. There is no such thing as a “perfect” system. In trying to create one…we just may make the best health insurance system in the world…one of the worst.

Canada is moving AWAY from government health care and back to privatized. They recognize that this just is NOT working! Shouldn’t we learn from their mistakes? And from the mistakes of all the other countries who use socialized/government health care????

Don’t check your brain at the door because of the emotional, heart tugging lies of the bureaucrats who are pushing a health care system THEY WON’T HAVE TO BE A PART OF!!!!

For more…check out this post:
ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!

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  1. Christine Wolfer permalink
    July 25, 2009 4:07 PM

    As someone about to dedicate her life to the field of health care, this issue is close to my heart. Thank you for posting this information.

    Having lived and used the health care in both Canada and the States, I have to say that neither one is perfectly functional. When I was working with the Children’s Hospital in British Columbia, there were aspects that were much better than what I have seen in the US. If you are going to compare the two, I think that in some respects Canadian health care is much better and in other respects the health care in the US is better. Overall, both have room for improvement.

    I’m glad that the government and the people here are looking at how to improve an imperfect system. I’m glad that we are looking at other countries whose people have longer life spans, lower infant mortality rates, etc to see what is working for them.

    We have our own unique set of health issues as a country of excess. We also have our own unique way of governing ourselves. In my opinion, both of those need to be taken into account when we look outside of ourselves for answers.

    I’m curious to see what decisions will be made especially for those who are uninsured. I think that the issue of what to do with the uninsured population is of utmost important. Currently (in CA at least) these people usually wait until the last moment to visit the county hospitals which costs tax payers quite a few dollars as their care is subsidized with government funds. Offering these people a better governmental regulated option for health insurance looks like it might help to keep these costs down as well as the cost of other insurance options down.

    • July 25, 2009 4:54 PM

      Thank you for your response!

      Every place where government health care has been tried…it ultimately ends up failing the people because they are forced to ration the health care. Someone has to decide who is worthy of receiving treatment and who is not. It always ends up going bankrupt.

      I know of several friends who are in socialized medicine countries and they are unable to obtain adequate health treatment when they need it. We have a brother in law whose sister had a very treatable form of cancer. She lived in Canada. I say “lived” because she was told to go home and die. The wait to get her in was way too long, so there was nothing they could do. In the US, she would have received treatment.

      If you carefully listen to the links presented in the post and read the articles, you will find out things that we are not being told…like the fact that Canada is going more privatized. Like the fact that their taxes run over 50% in some cases…and the STILL can’t get in to get a doctor.

      We in the U.S. have the longest lifespans over all…in spite of our lousy eating habits. The high infant mortality rate we have here comes mainly from the illegal immigrant population who are scared to go to the hospital because they might…and rightfully so…be deported!

      Yes…there are things that need fixing, but a government run option is no solution. Show me even ONE government run program that does not abuse the money spent and actually works well. There is none.

      Consider this, too. Where is the money going to come from? Most people do not realize that 100% of our taxes goes to paying the interest on our country’s loans to foreign governments. Yet, the same people who would be running a government health care system are voting themselves raises and lifetime pensions that are above the average American salary (not average American retirement…but the actual salary). Government health is bankrupt before it even gets out the gate.

      There are so many problems with any government run program it’s crazy. This is one program that effects who gets care and what kind of care they get…who lives and who dies. There are those who actually checked out the wording of Obamacare. It is downright SCARY! Listen to the mother of the baby with Cerebral Palsy. She checked into Obamacare. She is afraid for her baby…and with good reason!

      Government run healthcare is very complicated. Check out this link for more into on that: Make sure you click on the “View pdf” link! The pdf link is:

      • Christine Wolfer permalink
        July 25, 2009 5:49 PM

        I agree with you that someone has to decide who is worthy of receiving treatment and who is not. This is evident within our current system as well. Right now, it is decided that those who can afford better insurance get better treatment. In our country, there is a big imbalance of care. I think this is an important issue to start solving.

        As for people being turned down for certain types of treatment, I’ve seen this happen in Canada as well as in the US time and again. Having worked with cancer patients in the States, I’ve seen tearful cancer patients begging their insurance company for certain treatments which they never received. It is heartbreaking and frustrating. How does this get fixed? I’m sure that the fix for this is not for the government to take it over, but I am not convinced that the government shouldn’t play a role in it.

        As for a well run government program, I can name several. I worked for a city government in a program that greatly subsidized child care for a very low income population. Without this program, some of these kids would be more open to the influence of drug dealers, pimps and gang members. Although not perfect, this program was a very good program for the community. It ran well on the public funds that were not abused. I know this because at one point, I was in charge of a half a million in government funds for these childcare centers. As someone in this position of responsibility, I did what others who ran multi-million dollar programs did. I held a meeting of the community and asked them how they wanted the money spent.

        Of course when you get to a much bigger scale, more and more fat is added to a budget that doesn’t need to be there. Direct public contact is lessened. This is true of any program, non-profit, private or government run.

        So what motivates these bigger scale programs to run efficiently? In a non-profit, a balanced budget is the motivator. In a private program, profit is the motivator for keeping a trim budget. Government run programs don’t have this which is why the budgets are open to public review. It is important for us to monitor and demand that these budgets are trimmed. It is also important to vote for people who are going to be fiscally responsible. I think that this can be where it breaks down. There is a danger for people to get complacent and not vote or look at how the people we elect are spending our funds. I have great respect for anyone that does this.

        I think that the medical reform that Obama is trying to institute has negative and positive to it. When I voted in this last presidential election, there were no candidates that really had the right answers for health care reform in my opinion. I agree with some, but not all of what Obama is trying to do. At this point though, I’m not quite sure what is the right answer which is why I really appreciate that you posted about this. In hearing all the views and taking in all the information, I hope that I can understand more about this very complicated issue.

  2. Christine Wolfer permalink
    July 25, 2009 6:22 PM

    As I was re-reading, I wanted to add something. I have to respectfully disagree that we have the highest average longevity than other countries. I do think that we are one of highest. This really isn’t my point here. My point is that there is still something to be learned from other countries and how they handle medical care.

    In regards to the infant mortality rates, I think that the issue is much more complicated than blaming illegal immigration. There are other factors that are being researched in the ways that we give birth. My opinion is that this is where the business of medicine results in a higher infant mortality rate. Again, another place where it may be helpful to look at other methods for improvements in child birth.

    • July 25, 2009 7:04 PM

      You are right that we can learn. My concern is that some programs are being touted as being great without realistically looking at the whole thing. Am I saying that all other programs are all bad? Not at all! What I am saying is that there are those who tout some programs as being great and wonderful, while hiding the negative sides of those same programs.

      I think we agree that wWe can only learn if we look at both the positive and the negative. You are going to find the nightmares in every program. Question is…which ones have the worst and most nightmares? Not an easy question to answer. You are right…it IS very complicated!

      What we have right now is an attempt to hurriedly ram a massive health care program down our throats that is not practical, untested and does not have enough research into it. This is way too complicated for them to be doing that to us!

      Not everyone in this country gets the care they want. That is true. However, it is at least available…if one has the resources. I have no health care…but I do have options. With socialized health care…there are no options…not unless you are very rich. (A private appointment in Quebec right now runs over $900. I know I can see my doc for less than that.)

      I don’t dispute that there are some local programs that can be very helpful. What I am against is the removal of choice. There are a lot of very real concerns about this particular health care plan that are being swept under the rug instead of being addressed. That concerns me.

      It is not as black and white as people would like to think. So many believe that socialized medicine means that everyone gets free medical treatment when they need it. But that is simply not true!! First…it is NOT FREE!! Look at the tax rates of the countries with socialized medicine. It is typically over 50%!! That is NOT FREE!! In fact, the taxes are so high that the only ones who CAN pay for private health care are the very rich. The rest of us…which is the majority…are just plain out of the loop.

      In addition…the health care is rationed. It is one thing to be unable to get health care because I cannot afford it. It is another entirely to be unable to get it because it is UNAVAILABLE!

      I know our system is very imperfect. I know that horrible things are happening in it. Check out the link for Secondhand Smoke in my blog list on the right. Wesley Smith has a LOT of information on our current health care situation.

      I am not against working to fix our health care system. I am not against having some basic rules and regulations in place. I am simply against doing it in this manner.

      There are more productive ways to do this than to promote a health care plan that is wasteful of money and proven to eventually lead to rationing of health care…which in turn opens the door to only those who are deemed most useful getting the real care. (Or the very rich.)

      When health care is rationed and you have to choose between the disabled child and the “normal” adult…who do you think gets the care? When you have to choose between a senior who is in their 70’s who needs a new hip to get around and a young mom…who gets it?

      No…we need to find a way to fix things that won’t cause even more people to be unable to receive treatment than we already have! At least right now…people can appeal to churches and foundations for help. They can appeal to those they know. I have seen communities do fundraisers to help families who need help with medical expenses. That is being done right now for a young man that I know of in Santa Cruz.

      Fix health care? Yes!! Socialized (government) health care? No!

      I appreciate your thoughts on this. We may actually agree more than you think. If not…that is OK. The most important thing is to get people thinking and talking about this rather than being blind sheep led along by every promise that is made. Not all promises are realistic…and some can even be downright lies.

      • Christine Wolfer permalink
        July 25, 2009 9:34 PM

        I think that we agree on a lot of points. I don’t think that complete government control over health care is the way to go. It will not work well in our country.

        We pay too much for health care in this country. Part of this has to do with our current system and part of that has to do with negative human qualities such as greed that we can’t do much about. What I think that we disagree with is the governmental role in the issue. I believe that there are things that the government can do to help with the issues that we have. This is why I agree with some of what has been proposed by the Obama regime.

        Thank you for discussing these issues with me! =)


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