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Lessons Learned & a Discovery!

July 21, 2009

Elias went gleaning in a neighbor’s potato garden on Monday. From that, I learned some things about growing potatoes. For instance, I learned that chickens like to dig potatoes up. Then…when you bury them, they seem to love the challenge of digging them right back up. I found that because the neighbor mentioned that some of the potatoes were green on one side.

So, there came another lesson. I thought the green was from potatoes being under fluorescent lighting. Well, as it turns out it is from any kind of light. So, as the chickens dig the potatoes out, whatever part of the potato that is being exposed to sunlight turns green. I had no idea.

Today I am turning a lot of those potatoes into potato soup. Since these are gleanings, many of them are tiny and most of them have some green to be cut off. If it were me, I would just cut off the green and bad spots and not bother with pealing them. However, Dave does not care for any potato peel in his soup. If I could find my Vita-Mix, I could just whiz that peel right into the soup and he wouldn’t mind. I know we have more cabbages and tomatoes ready in the garden, so I might just add some of those, too. Not sure yet.

Another lesson we all learned from the garden was that once you harvest the broccoli, if you leave the plant there, more broccoli heads grow off to the sides of the one you cut off. You start off with one…and then end up with four! It was Elias who brought that to our attention. Unfortunately, by that time, Dave had already pulled up at least one of the plants. Hmmm…I wonder if the same is true for cabbage. I guess we’ll find out!

The guys have been working really hard on clearing out the area for the power to be run up to Beit-Elohim. They have had to clear out brush and cut down trees so that a backhoe can get in there to dig a trench for the power.

This is looking up the hill into the beginning of the path being cleared. There is actually a cable running up the hill because we needed our neighbor to use his tractor to pull down a tree that fell, but was not flat.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 005

You can see the tree stump and the tree to the left of it. There is another tree laying crossways on this side of the bigger one.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 007

This is a close up of the “big” tree.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 013

This is looking down from up by the tree. You can see the existing power pole on the right. If the house can be placed within 250 feet of the existing power pole, the company will run the power to the house for free. The little outbuilding on the left is our “laundry room”.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 010

Here are the guys and the tractor. This tractor is from the 1940’s! (The guys aren’t, though!)

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 002

This is looking uphill across the upper pad. It appears that we are a few feet over the 250, so Yawheh is going to have to either make a way to get it closer (which brings it over the edge of the pad) or provide for doing it another way.  I am told that the edge of the house would probably have to be right at the tree you see laying crossways at the edge of the upper pad. Perhaps we can attach a small extension room on that corner? It will be interesting to see how He resolves this.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 015

The following pictures give an idea of how much underbrush there was/is. The guys have worked very hard clearing it all out. We are SO thankful that there was very little, if any, poison ivy, etc.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 023

This is a section that is actually not too bad. However, a lot of what we have growing is wild roses. Yep…with thorns! We also have some wild berry bushes. Yep…with the pricklies!

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 024

It gets so dark in between the trees that I had to lighten the photos up a little bit so you can see better.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 026

This is standing not too far below the upper pad and looking down toward the RV. Usually, you canNOT see through here at all other than in the winter! This path is for septic and water and was already pretty clear of trees. It was just heavily overgrown with brush. The path to the power pole still has some clearing needed.

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 019

The “big” tree is in the path for the power. We hate to take down trees, especially big ones like this. However, Dave hopes to use this big tree to help make a foot bridge across our creek. So, at least we can use it somewhere…for something other than firewood!

20090720 Taking Down the Trees 028

The hillside between the two pads is much more gently sloped than the hillside between the lower pad and the meadow. It is actually a beautiful piece of land as you walk between the trees…now that so much brush is cleared out!

The guys made a discovery while clearing. We apparently have a sugar maple. I don’t know how big it is or how much we might be able to get from it, but we are excited. Perhaps we have more than one? Wouldn’t that be nice? However, even one is wonderful! I wonder what other wonderful treasures this land holds for us.

Yahweh is building His house…Beit-Elohim. He is making a way where there has been no way. We pray that we can be as faithful to Him as He has been to us…getting us through living in the RV since December 1, 2005. It is the prayer of many, including us, that we be out of the RV before winter number 5 hits. Nevertheless, whatever His will is will be sufficient for us. The walls sometimes feel as if they are closing in…yet He gets us through it. We are very blessed with this beautiful land and beautiful view.

From our little RV on the hillside to you, wherever you are and whatever your situation, we hope and pray that you have learned to be content in Yahweh…the God of the Bible…Creator of all that is. There is nothing that can compare to resting in Yahweh and entrusting His Son Yeshua/Jesus for our spiritual wellbeing. Yeshua sent His Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit to dwell within those who accept Him as Messiah…as Lord. He has never left us alone or forsaken us…although there were times when we found ourselves tempted to wonder if He did. Yet, He did not. Yahweh has proven Himself to be faithful to us.

Shalom and b’rakhot/blessings to all!

For the latest updates on Beit-Elohim, go to Yahweh’s House/Beit-Elohim.

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