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Power for Beit-Elohim!

July 18, 2009

We have been wondering how we are going to afford the power for Beit-Elohim. We have been checking into different ways of doing it and consulting people who know about such things.

When we bought the property, we had two pads cut into it…one lower, about 30(?) feet above the meadow…and one higher, between 200 and 300 feet above the lower pad.

When we moved onto the property, we moved our RV onto the lower pad. We had already put in septic, power and water. In fact, the power was turned on one day before we had to move onto the land. The power company was very nice about helping us out when they realized our situation. They made sure they got it turned on for us by the end of the day Friday. We had to move onto the land that weekend!

Our plans have gone through many revisions as we ran out of time, money and resources. Yet, Yahweh was always with us. Our faith has been stretched in amazing ways. I don’t know that I would have signed up for this…had I known ahead of time. However, having gone through it, I don’t think I would trade it for anything, either. It is amazing watching Yahweh move as He has and as He is.

Building on this lower pad presents some challenges. It is not as big as the upper pad and there really isn’t any way to situate the house such that we could leave our RV in place. We need to be able to stay here to care for chickens, cat and garden and to finish working on the land and the creek crossing. Moving away is not an option…even if we could afford it.

Building on the upper pad presents its own set of challenges. We have to get the power, water and septic up there. We will also have more driveway to maintain, so we really have to make sure the drainage is done so that the driveway won’t wash out…or ice up. However, it does leave us free to keep on living down here while it is being built. We can leave the RV in place.

Someone from the power company came out to scope out our power needs. As it turns out, if it is no more then 250 feet from the existing power pole on the lower pad to the corner of the house of the upper pad, they will put in underground wire…for free!

They need a 12 foot wide swath cleared out for the backhoe. So, the guys are focused on clearing brush in the approximate path. Once the brush is cleared, the power company will come back out to remeasure and show us just where the wire will go and where the house will have to go. Then the guys can cut down the trees that are in the way.

This is Yahweh’s house. He is showing Himself to be amazing.

For the latest update…check here.

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