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Coyote Along the Highway!

July 18, 2009

One day, as we drove along the highway, we saw a coyote in the middle of a farmer’s unplanted field. We were very surprised and pulled over so that we could take pictures of it. That is the only time we have seen one out by the highway. I wonder if it was a bit lost. It would stop and look…and then walk some more…and then stop and look.

It was on the river side of the highway, which also makes it seem like it may have lost it way. There are ways to get under the highway…whether through pipes or under the bridges where creeks run into the river. It is highly unlikely that its den would be on the river side. There is too much human traffic there.

I wonder…that coyote seemed to be pretty comfortable with being where he didn’t belong. He did not act as if he was in any danger from the farmer or from cars. How many times do we wander into areas that we should not be in…and are comfortable there? Just like that coyote….are there places where we are in spiritual danger, but we are just oblivious to it?

It is something to think about. I do not want to be where my Creator does not want me to be. He knows what keeps me safe. That is why He gives me rules to follow. I need to pay attention to them…and follow them.

Coyote in Farm Field 20090519-1

Coyote in Farm Field 20090519-2

Coyote in Farm Field 20090519

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  1. July 18, 2009 9:55 PM

    We all could follow the rules alittle better….truth be known.


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