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The Sick Season aka The Attack of “Sick Valley”!

July 13, 2009

Well…I was really hoping, and praying, that this year would be better. I thought that I was acclimating. Now, I am not so sure.

This valley used to be called “Sick Valley” by the Indians. So, it’s history of making people sick goes way back. Whatever the micro-organism is that grows here, it and my body just don’t get along.

I have tried antihistamines, green tea, Vitamin C. Nothing totally takes it away. In fact, I finally stopped the antihistamine because I was not convinced that it was really doing any good. I might go back on it anyway. It is so difficult to tell.

Drinking green tea every day does seem to help…and maybe the Vitamin C is, too. Again…it is very difficult to tell. Maybe I need to look at the Oregano Oil. After all, if it is a micro-organism, then wouldn’t something with antibiotic properties help?

I don’t get the typical plant allergy symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, etc. I just get an overall “sick” feeling. My tummy does not feel its best,  especially in the morning (no it’s not that). Mostly, though, it is just an overall draggy, don’t feel good kind of thing.

Our first summer here we stayed in a an RV park down by the river. Our part of the park had very little in the way of trees and practically zero shrubbery around the RV’s themselves. It was pretty open and surrounded by farm fields and other open areas. The wind blew through, bringing with it, I am sure, all kinds of pollens. But the area did not stay wet. After a rain, it dried up pretty quickly. Dave and I do not remember me being this sick there.

I have felt a general unwellness off and on for many years, attributable, I think, to the Post Traumatic Stress. But overall, that was actually getting better, in spite of getting hit with some big things right before and right after moving. So, what is up with this? Why am I worse here on the land?

We talked about it this morning. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is wetter here. We have a lot of trees and shrubbery here and the meadow was largely unmowed. Dave has been working on the meadow, getting it to the point that the riding lawn mower can keep it up. So…maybe that will help. The meadow will be drier. We had also worked a lot on drainage…which also makes the meadow drier.

We still need to work on drainage up here on the pad where the RV is, though. After if rains, we get a lot of downhill water flow…some of it actually going beneath the pad. The upper pad seems to be drier. We also have a lot of things around the RV. Between the hay bales, tarps and other assorted items, there are plenty of little pockets that can collect water. That water can become stagnant, as well as being breeding grounds for mosquitos. We had to dig to find a leak quite awhile ago. Those holes did not all get filled back in due to Dave wanting to fill them in a certain way that would make them easier to dig back out…if need be.  They fill with water, too.

Another thing we noticed is the bugs. The bugs love me here, so maybe that is part of where the sickness comes from. I seem to react to the bug bites here more severely. We don’t remember my reacting quite this badly at the RV park, but I don’t really remember for  sure.

So, here it is…that Sick Season…again! I don’t like it. I pray against it. And I trust my Creator for what is. I know that He will get me through it, just as He has gotten me through everything else. No matter what happens…He is God…and I am not. So, I will continue to love Him. I will continue to be grateful for his being my heavenly Abba/Father, my Messiah – Yeshua, the Ruach/Spirit that dwells within me. He is the giver of healing Shalom/peace…something unlike this world can ever offer.

I am grateful that I am able to get up and do things. Even when it is difficult to do much, I can usually at least do some writing on my pc. In a few moments, I am going to probably lay down for a bit because I feel so tired. Then I will be up and at it again. One thing I know…beyond a shadow of a doubt…Yahweh is trustworthy. He proves it to me more and more every day.

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