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Beit-Elohim Floor Plans & the Septic!

July 8, 2009

The County Health Department guy had to come out and look at our land. Not sure why. He had photos of where our leach lines are and he did not even come up to look at the tank at all. He could tell where the lines were. Maybe he just had to verify that that lines were still there?

He gave us some good news regarding our septic. He said that most people  will typically flush their toilet and send a few gallons of water through. That only pushes things a little way into the lines, allowing a sludge to build up. Because we have a black water tank, we dump about 30 – 40 gallons of “stuff” at once followed up with about 10-15 minutes of water running through the tank to flush it out. He told us that makes the septic really healthy because it pushed stuff way out into the leach lines. Yay!!! I was always concerned that too much water would hurt it.

So, now we have decided what to do when the house is built. Every once in a while we will fill the bathtub and then pull the plug and let the water run full force for a few minutes. That will help to push “stuff” along! Golly, I might just have to take long soaky baths on a VERY regular basis! Break my heart! Those soaky baths are something I have MISSED for SO LONG!!!! I have big smiles on my face!

I had come up with a three bedroom floor plan. Dave is tweaking it a bit. We were going to build it on the lower pad, but it looks like they want to shoot for the upper pad. Most of the workshop material is up there. Plus, it would allow us to stay on the land in our RV while the house is being built. Moving it to the upper pad has caused the house to be turned, so I had to redo the floor plan and make some compromises.

Once Dave settles on it a bit more, I will try to put it up here. We are building with premade workshop trusses, therefore we are locked into a 40′ x 30′ footprint. Everything has to fit within that space.

The material needs and cost needs are still great. I know the Adversary wants us to focus on that instead of on what Yahweh can provide. This is His house. He is the only One who can get it built. We cannot. Craig cannot. No one can. But Yahweh can…through all of His people coming together on this. I must choose to trust Him. He will either built His house or get us through winter number 5 in this tiny RV. He is good and He is faithful. We just desire His will for us.

For the latest on the progress read here.

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